My CRAZY Ride In The NEW Pagani Utopia!

To find out more about the brand-new Pirelli tyres, see this link:.

I attend the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Whilst there, I leap in the traveler seat of the brand brand-new #Pagani #Utopia hypercar, which features the brand name new #Pirelli P Zero Trofeo RS tire.

Thanks to @TFJ for the thumbnail picture.

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My CRAZY Ride In The NEW Pagani Utopia!

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  1. Much as I admire and appreciate the engineering and design work that goes into every Pagani, the I’m going to have to give the aesthetics of the Utopia a miss. The bodywork doesn’t flow like its predecessors’ and the interior looks a bit too industrial. Perhaps different colors and interior materials would make the car look more handsome.

    Then again, I thought the Huayra was a step back in design when it came out, but now I love how it looks. Let’s give it some time.

    1. I wonder if this design will grow on us like the huyra. I didnt like that when it came out, but now thinks its one of the most beautiful cars ever.

    2. The custom Paganis Wil even look better.. Pagani always evolves. You can now tell Pagani’s patterns after almost 25 years

    1. I identify as a ceiling fan, but I agree: The Zonda (in the later F form and onwards) is the only really beautiful car Pagani has made. Huayra looks ok but not supremely beautiful, and is pointless as a car with that huge turbo engine.
      That Utopia thing is hideous and looks incredibly low quality too! Look at that crude dash, it looks like a kit car!

  2. Since you have the 911 i understand the idea of selling the f-type. Although it is the most daily usable sports car you have. Interested in seeing the new car!

    Also, another great video 🍻!

  3. Super cool to ride with you in the Utopia – I love its design, absolute piece of art. What an honor for you to be invited, yet so well deserved! Thanks a lot!

  4. I know the camera obviously never fully captures the details of cars, but I wasn’t a huge fan at first…since realizing this. I can only imagine how detailed and beautiful it is in person. Straight awesomeness

  5. I might be the only one that feels this way but this interior along with the one in the Huayra could really do without that RGB ambient backlighting to the instrument panels. Makes a $2M+ interior look cheap

    1. Well, Pagani will do any request the buyer asks so if you’re buying it, then you could absolutely ask for that ☕

  6. The Utopia is a masterpiece. Love the industrial look. It reminds me of the movie Metropolis – by the looks, name and also price.

  7. Lovely to meet you at Goodwood. Thanks for taking the time to stop and chat briefly! That car looked a handful in the wet!

    Tim looked slightly jealous at the top 😂 his run with the Utopia got cancelled the day before due to the Jaguar crash.
    Awesome to meet you 🙏

  8. Wow! I never expected this to sound THAT GOOD!!! Definitely sounds better than the Huayra and this may be an unpopular opinion…but I almost prefer this sound to the Zonda!!

    Wasn’t very interested in the Utopia at first, but I’m in love now lol. Just need to win the lottery or something🤔

    1. It sounds exactly like the Roadster BC, considering it’s the same engine just with more power and a manual.

  9. So many insane cars in this video, but for some reason the Hyundai Vision 74 is what got my attention most.

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  11. The grip on my little hot hatch with its bespoke Pirelli P Zero HN is amazing. Seriously, now we’re in summer they just stick. Rub out pretty quick tbf but they’re only little to replace.

  12. Congratulations on being the first YouTuber to film a ride in this car at Goodwood. I think, despite the rain you captured the appearance of the car inside and out. Also fun to see the driver struggling a bit with grip. Everyone knows these are the last tires you want in the rain so other videos later in the weekend may capture the delta in the dry.
    A little bit of fun to see Tim triggered that you beat him to the punch. After seeing him upstaged by DDE at Gumball and how he reacted, I see him in a different light.

  13. After watching BTG I visited Lotus stand to see why you were so excited by the Eletre and I can say I’m now equally exited I think it could well be the next Urus ‘ EV’ incredible build quality everything looks bespoke! Lotus have done an incredible job these will look special on the rd…

  14. Thank goodness you went on Friday! As for the passenger ride up the hill I think the adverse weather made for better content and proves exactly how difficult it is to get any performance from a hypercar in those kind of conditions 😳👍

  15. Hey Sam…Was great to catch up with you again at FOS on Friday…thanks for taking the time to chat for so long even though you were super busy.
    Great content as usual and awesome that you managed to get a pasenger ride in the super cool Utopia.
    Best wishes to you and family.

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