My Ferrari 360 ‘Finally’ Broke Down!

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En route back from my recent journey to Morocco and Portugal, my 360 broke down … in this video I talk you through what happened and go to AV Engineering to get an upgrade from Aldous on the vehicle.

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My 360 'Finally' Broke Down!

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  1. I’m gonna miss the F type when it’s gone, but if you’re replacing it with an F pace SVR then maybe not so much.

  2. You are an amazing storyteller and photographer, great the 360 was fixed! And of course congrats to the guys at the garage with the award!

  3. Well done to Victor for helping you , I would be scared to death if that happened to me in Spain as not speaking the lingo it would be easy to get ripped off.

  4. 2 to 3 month to recover the car? These freaking insurance companies make you believe you are covered but you are actually not. Hope they paid at least some of the costs involved

  5. Thank you for sharing the story. It’s always a nightmare to get stranded alone somewhere far away πŸ˜ƒ

    But the issue itself is something that can happen to every car, so there is no need for Tony to hate on classics πŸ˜€

    1. The video of him buying it was uploaded 5 years ago! Plus he got this a while after Shmee150 brought his 675lt and GT8 so I’m not quite sure where he gets the maths from 🀣

    2. C’mon Sam ol’ Boy, you are the new owner of that 360 manual spider in the Challenge Stradale conversion process, you’re just waiting to spring it on us in a future video! Good to hear the treck back from Spain all worked out kinda well in the end.

  6. Aldous is such a legend. He’s got me out of trouble few times in unsociable hours πŸ˜… I felt bad contacting him

  7. Knowing that there could be essentially two reasons for the dash light to come on: brake pads and fluid level, and being able to exclude the brake pads 99% because they had no sensor (yeah there might have been some bad contact somewhere… how likely?), I’d say it was a bit foolish not to check and top off the fluid…

  8. I’m going to miss seeing the F-Type on the channel. I recently got a job at a JLR dealer and I get to drive F-Types often, and I really have fallen for them too. Sad to see it leave. Hopefully a third one in future?! 🀞

  9. Great video as always Sam! oh yeah, you mentioned Freddie fixing the Dino. Welp he has his hands full with rebuilding a β€œflooded” McLaren P1!

  10. Did you not have european breakdown with recovery to UK ?

    My cars are newer, less likely to breakdown and worth a chunk less than your 360 but i wouldnt dream of doing a euro road trip without cover including recovery to the UK

  11. Sam you should totally convert your car to a challenge stradale, keep the car you have this bond with and all of those awesome sorties, and keep its beautiful manual gear box!!

  12. Great stuff Luke! Can’t beat new parts on a car and knowing that’s it’s all tied in correctly now! Now hurry up and smash out another 20,000 miles already πŸ˜… Big up swift performance!

  13. I think it will be wrong tho sell the 360, that should be a keeper BUT at the same time I think the car deserve an upgrade.
    Think what can add value to you on that car.

  14. Been a few times youve mentioned parting with your 360 so i feel this is on the horizon sadly. Be a shame as its a really cool car to keep long term.

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