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  1. How long does it take at a super charging station tho. And I’m assuming you don’t drive 500 miles a day so just charge it every night no?

    1. Let’s assume you drive 50 to 100 miles a day going places as a job. You can last at least a week on a single charge.

  2. Do you have a power adapter installed? My friend’s dad got a Lucid recently and it charges overnight no problem

  3. I typically drive ~40 minimum miles per day, therefore a full charge of 500 miles wouldn’t last even 2 weeks and then I’d have to charge it for 9 days? But I’m sure it’s not too bad if you charge it every night (assuming you have an at home charger)

    1. Ngl you’d kinda be a dipsh*t not to get an at home charger. You spent all money this on an EV and then you have to sit in a parking lot for hours while it charges back up? Yeah just get a home one and charge it overnight. Regardless Evs are still gross to me and can’t even compare to an old school diesel or even a diesel in general. Old schools where it’s at tho they run off literally anything flammable so you don’t have to pay for anything but reg maintenance

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