My new Tesla Cybertruck is like a truck delivered from 2054! 😍🛻 #tesla #cybertruck #ev

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My new Tesla Cybertruck is like a truck delivered from 2054! 😍🛻 #tesla #cybertruck #ev

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  1. I’m not on the hate bandwagon for this car, its durability looks impressive, but I’m glad it’s not coming to Europe, that steel frame is not safe, not for the driver and especially for anything he hits

    1. So that’s probably only temporary as Tesla is able to satisfy all stakeholders that the CyberTruck is as safe as any other vehicle and that’s something that is going to take time, as even people in the US, and elsewhere have some of the same concerns you’re expressing here.

      However, it should be noted that anything that moves can be seen as a threat, and we should see it as a potential threat, because unfortunately bad things happens to good people.

      So we should all take heed of all potential dangers whether we’re talking about a car, truck, bus or some other conveyance where people could potentially be injured or killed, and so safety first should be our top priority.

    2. In the US a ton of us modify trucks to have the same ramming bars … eh hem “brush guards”…. that police vehicles have, making a Ford F150 just as dangerous.

      She resells a lot, and right now the Cyber Truck is selling for $200K to $250K due to scarcity. She stands to make a pretty penny.

  2. What’s with the jumpy transition between each take accompanied by the annoying bang sound? ……. Please stop with the gimmicks, they cheapens your brand massively. 🙏🏻

  3. horrible as all journalists cut there hands on the razor rusting angles.. piece of rust

    1. Cause they are morons, it’s not meant to be soft and cuddly, it’s called the cyber beast. I would expect to get cut touching a beast.

  4. Între timp se pare că au reușit să monteze corect și cauciucurile pe partea stângă

    1. Wouldn’t it be funny if she only drives each car once? I mean you look poor driving the same supercar every time.

      Seriously though. That’s an actual thing people do

  5. Такое г честное слово,за такие деньги это афера 😂

  6. It looks like a back-yard construction and the centre consul screen has killer corners when in an accident.

  7. This trick will rust and customers have complained about that n it should be called rust truck, “ ur cover goes up all the way click click click “ so cool how she said that

    1. Would you prefer it be made of plastic, or recycled Twix wrappers? I mean name a car that doesn’t rust, I’ll wait

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