My Week With The 911 Sport Classic [Better Than My GT3?]

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I support the wheel of the @Porsche # 911 #SportClassic … essentially a wonderfully custom manual 911 Turbo.
On paper, this automobile is a 'little bit of me' and potentially a bit more me than my own 911 GT3, so I spend a week with the cars and truck to find out if one day I might want to change my automobile with a Sport Classic!

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My Week With The 911 Sport Classic [Better Than My GT3?]

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  1. What a masterpiece the Sport Classic is! Especially looking at all the details in and out and the mechanical changes that were made from the 911 Turbo set-up

  2. What you’ve described is exactly what everyone said about the 997 Sport Classic when it came out. Lovely car, etc, but the value proposition simply doesn’t stack up at all. Of course, the 997 SC has ended up being a real collector’s car . . . and now sells for silly money. I assume the 992 SC will probably do the same thing? Personally, i get much more excited about the 992 S/T.

    1. Yes and no I feel. The 992 has been produced in far greater numbers than the 997 (1250 Vs c.300 from memory?). Having been fortunate to experience both 997 and 992 Sport Classics, they’re both special but I do feel the 997 is the more special car.

    2. Hard to say on the values but if I had to guess I don’t think 992 SC will go as crazy high as the 997 SC.
      They only made 250 997’s but are making 1250 992’s
      The extra 1000 cars supplied should keep values more sensible

    3. Honestly I feel the 997 sport classic is only hyped because of the rarity compared to modern Porsche limited editions. Apart from the ducktail and Fuchs Felgen it was just a standard 997 with all options

    4. Regarding the 992 sport classic: Good on people that can get it, but the ideal 992 sport classic would be a 992 gt3 touring manual with the sport classic‘s ducktail (and rear seat retrofit if you want that)

  3. …and the GTS arguably sounds better when you wind it out. Perhaps you just need a 992 GT3 Touring instead.. slightly quieter, less nervous, ever so slightly softer.. cheaper.. Just a thought.. Great STG production as ever!!

    1. Just stop this “sweet spot” nonsense, already…
      Everything “in the middle” became “sweet spot”.

      The other one is OEM+. 🤦🏻‍♂️
      Either something is OEM or it is not.

    2. @TomasZlol you good? Who hurt you? I get the sweet spot issue however the OP did use it correctly in questioning if the new product is a good middle ground. However sweet spot is quite subjective. OEM+ however is a correct distinction of products added to a vehicle that are offered by the OEM but not originally a part of the car. Like taking a standard Golf and putting a GTI or R component on it. All of it is OEM parts but the upfitting of a standard car with higher trim parts IS OEM+.

    3. @Nolan Mackey
      But then it is not a standard Golf anymore. It is modified.
      And people use this often for aftermarket suspension, wheels, other bits and bobs. You are standard or you are not.
      OEM+ is just stupid term unless your golf could have exactly the same part as an option from factory.
      Sweet spot is very subjective. Probably thats why it annoys me.
      Sweet spot to what? 911 range? GT product range? What about GT3 Touring?
      It is much cheaper and 90% the same car. How you measure this “sweet spot”. By what criteria? It is just moonshine talk…

    4. ​@TomasZ Sweet spot is whatever you want it to be. Personally for me this Sports Classic 911 without the decals would be my sweet spot. However for some people it might be a GT3 touring but it is subjective so I think you are looking way too deeply into this.

  4. HI Sam, nice video. WHat are your thoughts on the newly c´launched 911 S/T? WHen I saw that car I was instantly thinking of you and it is the GT product with the retro and special interior.

  5. As a modern design I have to agree – certainly one of the best! Compared to an 80’s and 90’s 911 exterior design… not even close though! 😁 great video!

  6. It might benefit you to stop positioning your hands at 10-2 and move to 9-3. Better leverage for when the rear steps out and quick correction is needed. Also, if you crash and deploy the airbags you are less prone to punching yourself in the face. Another great video Sam!

    1. It took a bit of getting used to but 3&9 feels natural to me now. Also, I don’t wrap my thumbs inside the wheel; I don’t want them snapped off by the airbag either.

    2. I had a Porsche factory driver tell me 3&9. He stated that Porsche designs the steering wheels for one’s thumbs to lock in at those positions

  7. Fun video Sam, thank you. Perhaps look into a classic 911? One which is ulez compliant. Just ‘an oldie but goldie’ for say a year. Inspired by a well-used aircooled I came across recently in my hometown. Great roar and driven like it is supposed to! Alternatively, slate grey restomodded 911 Carrera Classic at Forza Line in Coventry, nice! 115K £ though 🙂

  8. How refreshing is it to see a 911 interior with some zing ? Plus Burmister sound system …. Fantastic looking car, great content !

  9. I agree, The looks of It are lovely – not to say you couldn’t get near it elsewhere in the 911 line up. But as an out the showroom example its almost perfect.

  10. Does the Sports Classic come with two functioning driveshafts? If so, I think I can see what it offers over the GT3.

  11. Both great cars – But sometimes you don’t get the chance to choose. It’s up to the OPC to decide what your buying ! But you got PTS and chose an awesome colour ! ❤

  12. This is my bucket list car. So fortunate Sam to spend some quality time to really evaluate the vehicle beyond the short term impressions. Well done.

  13. I am usually not a fan of “collectible” 911s, but this is such a lovely spec, I see why I want it

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