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  1. Actually it was the last 3 model years. The NC production ended in 2015 not 2014. Also it did not offer bigger wheels just black color no other difference. There were already LSDs offered in other models. Seems like you didn’t do much research when making your video. Quite surprising how many simple mistakes were made coming from someone with such a large following

    1. It’s thousands of times more ergonomic and practical than today’s cars with widescreens on the dash. It will never look old, it’s classic! If in 10 years you look at any bmw interior, the tech will look pretty outdated…

  2. Is it just me or does Doug look and sound more like Jay Leno? Even down to the squeaky voice and head bob?

  3. Doug is awful but somehow has a discount Doug club with his bros that have to glom onto him fur his channel….

  4. The entire NC 2liter lineup in Europe came with LSD and Bilstein as standard from the very beginning. I used to own one, 2007 in white, no special version, no stripes, badges and æstethical nonsense, but standard with those features. It was a blast!

  5. In the UK, every 6 speed MX5 has an LSD. I forgot if it was mentioned in the video, the NC Miata is based on the RX8 chassis and has a lot of parts that are a bit stronger or exotic because of it. Which is cool.

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