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    1. That’s funny cause most people I sell to prefer the soft top, which are getting harder to get. Probably reminds them of childhood

    2. I understand where you’re coming from but it depends on how you maintain it. I’ve had owned a 94 Miata since 2011 and it hasn’t ripped apart, I do have the hardtop most of the time but it’s still in tip top shape

    3. It adds at least a couple of hundred pounds, which really takes a chunk out of the fun of the Miata. That’s one reason not to get. The convertible will already be heavier and handle worse, so really 2 pieces of the fun cake are gone. You absolutely feel 100 lbs in an MX-5.

    1. Don’t buy a miata if you care about trunk space. I went to the nursery to buy 2 baskets of flowers for my mom, for decorating her house exterior. Two, quite modest sized baskets… that I rode home with on my lap, and the other in my footwell. The trunk is nearly useless. (Actually was a fiat 124 to be accurate)

    1. the retractable hardtop system has a surprisingly low fail rate. They’re great cars to this day with very few issues. I have a softtop NC, but my dad has the PRHT and it’s had no issues, and most other PRHT owners could say the same.

    2. If you are thinking a bout getting one, do it, you will never regret owning a Miata! But please, go for the soft top. PRHT models are way uglier and impractical. You can operate the soft top in 3 seconds, and it will never break.

    3. I’ve had mine for about 2 years now.

      It has got 108k miles on the odometer and hasn’t given me any concerning issues. I would highly recommend upgrading to an aluminum expansion tank as soon as possible. My tank popped during non-spirited driving, thankfully I was able to pull off of the road and kill the engine before all of the coolant was vacated. it’s a pressured piece of plastic that gets more brittle as time goes on, it cost me like $180 but now I never have to worry about that issue again. I also had to replace the clutch but that’s because the prior owner was towing with it lol.

      The PRHT was serviced at the time of purchase by the dealer and hasn’t been a problem in my 40k miles of ownership.

    4. I got a 2006 with 130k miles 3 months ago and the little car is bulletproof. Not to mention the awesome community both on the street and on the Internet 😀

  1. We should standardize calling things what they actually do, and not with some corporate marketing phrases

    1. From 2007. NC first came out in 2006 and later got hardtop as an option that was available untill 2014, the last production year of NC miata

  2. Soft top is anyway always the way to go with a Miata: iconic, faster to operate and waaaay cooler. And with a minimal annual care routine it lasts forever. I owned myself several Miatas and can testify: don’t believe people saying that fabric tops are fragile.

  3. I never understood why this mx5/Miata was hated. It had the most horsepower,it was the best daily,best looking and the most luxurious at that point and some of these statements stand to this day in the Miata family.

    1. @John Buckley we are talking about a 950kg na to a 1090kg nc and an 8 hp increase. Yes that is not enough of a hp increase for the 140kg added but the 5 lug wheels set up sounds as an upgrade to me(more aftermarket options). Why would you want the previous models to be compatible with your newer car?

    1. 1150 kg compared to other cars is still very little, not by miata standards though, but it’s still lightweight

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