New 2023 Ford Bronco Raptor

This is the brand brand-new Bronco Raptor … It's the most powerful road-legal Bronco ever made! The Bronco Raptor is among the most impressive off-road automobiles coming to the roadways and offers us a closer look at the Bronco Raptor and why we believe it is among the coolest cars ever made.


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New 2023 Ford Bronco Raptor

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  1. Awesome monster vehicle!
    And the host lady is truly amazing – love that energy and vibe. Way to go! BTW can anyone tell what is her accent?

    1. Well, SA version sounds plausible …however I actually thought it’s one of British accents or mix of them. Still curious though.

  2. She did a fair review, but this channel needs to understand that the Blondie HERSELF is the brand.

    1. @Janet Johnson This is the kind of information that we don’t get from most Youtubers I will get in touch with her right now

    2. Agree. Tuesday has a much harder Voice to listen too. Couldn’t get through the while video based on Tuesdays annoying voice.

    3. Very rarely visit this channel these days. Now, most visits feel like a waste of time. Alex, success is a commodity that needs to be maintained, not delegated or taken for granted.

  3. We’ve got two Bronco and they are absolutely fantastic vehicles, it’s a great amount of luxury combined with rugged and great driving

  4. Estou gostando de acompanhar seu canal e bem explicado , esse apresentado nesse vídeo é elétrico ou modelo normal

  5. You guys should also understand before bashing this channel understand that Super Car Blondie is trying to create a long lasting brand because eventually she will have to pass on the torch … and if everyone is centered around her— the channel may just die so try to appreciate her efforts to create something for the long run with a fresh spin — it may not be 💯 but be supportive—

  6. Although it is a monster car, it has the best looks, and the in-house equipment is very delicate,
    so it is a perfect car that can meet the demands of various drivers.

  7. I’ve literally changed my dream car now😂It’s this now🤲. I’m out of choice now, I’m literally changing this with every video!!

  8. This is the first video I’ve watched about this car where they gives you all the real specs about it seriously. She gives all the details about the lighting, the radar, everything Good job

  9. I’m a fan of the Raptor models and the new representative. Great review. I have to acknowledge that you look better than the bronco though 😂. Look fwd to seeing you do more videos

  10. Great review Tuesday!! I want to buy the 2023 Ford Bronco Raptor now, and try the Baha mode.🏜

  11. Love Tuesday! Such a vibe. Blondie really picked a great team to match get high energy in these reviews. Sergi gor a a lot of competition with these beautiful ladies and perfect voices😍

  12. Thanks Tuesday. I still like the Bronco 2-Door version over the 4-Door. There’s little doubt that all Bronco versions look fun to off-road. Thanks again for the wonderful review.

    1. 👆👆THanks YOU’VE BEEN SELECTED For OUR Surprise GIVEAWAY what’sapp…

  13. she has a nice bubbly personality and of course is easy on the eyes and she did a good job with the Bronco. its good that blondie has some decent cover when needed.

    1. 📤📤THanks YOU’VE BEEN SELECTED For OUR Surprise GIVEAWAY what’sapp 📌

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