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    1. @AbubakarOfPeqar could be wrong but it technically makes it count as a sedan, sedans are cheaper for insurance for many reasons

    2. @saluteo insurance companies are not that dumb. Your rates are decided by the calculated risk of you as a driver and your car model’s typical incident rate. A 22 year old in a Tesla would probably have higher rates than a 62 year old driving this.

  1. I agree for once with a lot of what he said on this “main video” besides 1 thing, the older generations “last 3 or so” were NOT as boring or “shadow of their former selfs” as he makes it out to be, I can’t say how much I HATE that someone so popular says bull like that, the original SL55 from 2003 had 493HP and ABC hydraulic suspension!, it didn’t drive like a pure sports car sure but it wasn’t a grand marquis ether LOL btw that’s a great old school lux car. don’t always listen to these “big” ppl in the car world folks!

    1. Incorrect. The double negative makes your statement incorrect. Those in fact aren’t backseats, more of a place to put your trophy wife’s miniature poodle

    1. ​​@Maxits supposed to be a lighter weight roaster. They have just made it into a GT car. They already had a GT car. Your standards are unacceptably low. Get that fixed.

    2. @Xx———–xX they were 300kg lighter than this one one generation prior. You lying isnt cover up your failures.

  2. That’s considered a back seat? 😂 even if you were to get a persons leg down to the bone it wouldn’t squeeze through that gap lmao

    1. Soft-tops are lighter the car switched to that probably to save fuel, though it’d be cool if they could be painted in the same colour as the car’s body

  3. Theres also an SL43 for european market(probably coming to US as well) with the 2.0 4 pot from a45 amg with 380hp.

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