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  1. I hope these become cheap in a few years. Like damn civic si’a jumped like 5k overnight it seems.

  2. Kinda wish we’d start getting the third world yaris GR’s and shizzle in America. Kinda feels like these are a little ritzy for most peeps I know.

  3. Ok Doug, sick of the shorts. Unsubscribed. Shorts may get you subscribers but they may cost you some, just cost you one.

    1. ​@Finessorit would’ve weighed much as a mustang already 3300 lbs and made it more then $52k which is unacceptable. This whole car is dumb they’ll make few thousand a year so good luck getting too

  4. This car is underperformed and honestly it dont look good, it looks like a slug. Ylthere are better options

  5. Another case of manufacturers leaning on legacy names to promote something that the original never was

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