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    1. Honestly, I think Honda is pretty good about not over charging for standard equipment. At least that’s what i remember, if that’s changed since ’08 lemme know

    2. ​@Kyle Hammackyou’re not wrong even since then. Honda still remains pretty good with not upcharging excessively on standard equipment.

  1. It’s for the Honda factory workers, cause the Hybrid’s steering column panel is slightly different than the non-hybrid Accord.

    1. That’s silly though, because you could add any number of differentiating markers without the sticker. I think the only reason is for a passenger to see it

    2. My comment was a social experiment to prove a point, that if you state facts confidently and they sound like they make sense, most people will believe it. I know nothing about the Honda factory or the steering column.

  2. If you notice it’s very close to the engine start button, the car being super quiet when you turn it on, that badge will remind you that you won’t hear it start up as you press the engine start button. As a Honda sales rep we always get customers complaining that the car is dead or won’t turn on. it’s just too quiet so i explain that badging as a reminder for that to the customers.

  3. Its most definitely for the shop. The wheel is probably different than the non hybrid version but can easily be mistaken.

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