New Alfa Romeo Stradale is 1 of only 33

This is the ultra-rare, brand brand-new that is commemorating among the most gorgeous vehicles ever made.

The initial was integrated in 1967, and only 33 of these modern-day versions are going to be created. Each one is already offered and are rumored to cost $2-3 million.

Alex took a trip to Milan to have a look at one of the designs, together with some of the most iconic automobiles that have ever produced.

Let us understand which is your preferred Alfa in the remarks!

Presented by Alex:

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New Stradale is 1 of only 33

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  1. Those toggel switches are truly 60’s. Finally a Super Car that looks like a real sports car. Form and Color are fabulous.

  2. this is a far better recreation than the new countach, the car is stunning and keeps elements of the original but clearly modernizes it

    1. @BOAT ⚓ im not saying the new countach is bad but lets be real here it feels way more reserved than its original counterpart, and the biggest thing with the countach was just how insane and different it looked

    2. @LoLickyPeePee23XDD I would agree but I think the problem it ‘feels reserved’ is because cars like the ApolloIE, Divo, Sian, Jesko, Veneno, Paganis, Senna just casually exist which is hard to top them…i mean, have you seen the Apollo Evo? The only car I can think of to come close to it’s wild design is the Lambo Terzo Millenio, otherwise everything else is LITERALLY basic. With such cars being the portfolio of other brands, clearly the Countach will appear ‘reserved’. But definitely the Countach by itself is a proper recreation, I’d say it’s just missing a wing!

  3. I don’t know if you have ever watched the Grand tour with Jeremy, Richard and James before. Anyways, they had a program about France and their car culture and the French did something similar with a car that looked like an aero plane but with a propeller on the front of it. So funny to see Alfa did something similar 😅

  4. Design perfection, sadly we won’t be able to appreciate it anywhere but on the Alfa promos, as they’re so limited and the buyers will most likely just hold them hostage in their garages

    1. I think a few of them will come up for sale/auction in a couple years with minimal mileage on them.

  5. An unforgettable day at the Alfa Romeo Museum with the iconic 33 Stradale, beautifully captured by Supercar Blondie. Thanks so much for visiting us

  6. Alfa Romeo sure did step up their game. The contemporary mix of the design with the Tech advancement quite takes the approach, you know leaning in to take a look and what not. That’s precisely what I’ve been trying to encourage the Automotive Industry to conduct. Cycle…Classics with Modest for a Moderate Modern Awesome Reveal🧐✍️💫♻️

  7. This car is fully based on the Maserati MC20, same engine, same suspension, same carbon fiber structure, but with Alfa design and costing 10 x more. It really looks stunning

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