New Aston Martin DB12 is a Luxury Supercar!

This is the world's very first . It's also the world's very first super-tourer, suggesting it's a maxed out combination of luxury automobile and efficiency car. The is the successor of the DB11 and is implied to be taken on long comfy road trips while still enjoying the occasional bursts of adrenaline you 'd get out of a or Lamborghini. Numerous consider this to now be the coolest Aston Martin on the planet, and today Sergi shows you why the brand-new is a gamechanger.

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New Aston Martin DB12 is a Luxury Supercar!

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  1. Thanks for the quick spin through Monaco and France in that gorgeous tourer! Love the beast’s punch and the growl of course, and the elegant interior and wing-shaped rear-lights. I like the bigger grille but would prefer a different style to it than just a generic grid. Overall though it’s a definite win for Aston Martin!๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. Are they gonna make a db13 if so I would make it a concept they should have something special like the bmw Gina

  3. This DB is a beautiful car and the engine sound is awesome!
    I think one of the most impressive sports cars

  4. Beautiful from the interior just im gonna say ุงู„ู„ู‡ู… ุฃุฑุฒู‚ู†ุง ูŠุงุงุงุงโ˜๏ธุงุงุงุฑุจ

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