New Cupra Dark Rebel is a Glowing Supercar

Today we are going to reveal you one of the best looking idea cars and trucks of 2023. The Cupra is a two-seater futuristic cars that has scissor doors, headlights inside the bodywork and a gaming design guiding wheel.

Sergi was fortunate sufficient to have a look around the car, and also got to a genuine Cupra vehicle on a real track, however in a virtual world! Let us know what you believe in the comments!

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New Cupra is a Glowing Supercar

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  1. OK. So, what else can it do? Can it fly? Does it have a submarine mode?
    There’s no way you expect me to believe that, it’s just a cool looking car.


  2. The evolution of cars is surprisingly fast, but is it possible to create a car that doesn’t require tires?

  3. Definitely cute concept car. I’m loving the triangle design around the car. Wouldn’t be a bad idea for a future Batmobile concept for Batman in 2077. Lol 😂 Super techy cockpit like interior & the 3d printed metal really sets off the Batman vibes. Very cool & trendy. Love it. ❤

  4. This is a BEAST! I love it. The competition in the Super car industry is just getting super brutal… The monopoly of Ferrari , Bugatti , Lamborghini, McLaren or koenigsegg seem to be over….

  5. Me encantó el compacto que salio a correr ese si me gustaria correrlo!!! Y al dueño o encargado del auto de exhibición! No debería de sobreproteger las cosas por de cualquier modo son de usó!! 😜!!!! 😃💬👍🏻

  6. Cool. So are we going to see an EV 2/3 door shooting brake real road car soon? If they get the detail right, I’d have one!

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