New Lancia Concept has Interior of the Future

This is the Lancia Pu-Ra HPE, a principle automobile by Lancia that reveals you a glimpse of the future of cars and trucks. This ultra-futuristic, self- idea cars and truck has huge displays, enhanced reality and an unbelievable interior. The HPE is the first Lancia we've had on Supercar Blondie, and today Alex will show you what makes this cars and truck so unique.

Special thanks to @lancia for having us!
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New Lancia Concept has Interior of the Future

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  1. Future of cars is really exceptional
    I hope all car brands start innovating and creating masterpieces on wheels💓🇮🇳💓

  2. Wow this is really the future of cars. I’m starting to get worried, due to my age I don’t think I will ever afford my dream cars.😢

    Watching from the Philippines 💪🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  3. You always look beautiful demonstrating the multitude of vehicles on your page. I can’t not wait for the next exciting car. I would love to have this vehicle to ride around the city and take it to different functions and affairs.❤❤❤

  4. italian designers are insane…………..they put in their concepts all THE SOUL OF THE LATIN CHRISTIAN INSPIRATION…………………………GORGEOUS CAR…………PERFECT VIDEO. THANKS ALEX ❤🧡❤

  5. One of few concepts that I actually think has some great ideas and would love to see on the road. It looks so comfortable inside as well.

  6. Love the design! Very sculptural, like a Brancusi, even down to the seats and steering wheel. Can’t wait to see this electric marvel come to market!😊

    1. Concept vehicles are cool looking. I dont know why they never release them. We always have to look at the same boring conservative cars.

  7. For once a promising looking car UI! I hope they manage too bring that in a practical way to the production.

  8. This car is really cool. It has redefined car design. Never have I ever been so inspired by a car design.

  9. That is BEYOND beautiful. I’m practically drowning in drool. There is so much thought and beauty in its design, pure Italian design. Absolutely gorgeous. Know what I’d love from Lancia next? A reimagining of the concept Stratos Zero, using modern design techniques, materials and quality. I first saw the Stratos Zero in Moonwalker, and fell in love.

    1. Ты, влюбился в эту очередную чудо-машину из недалекого будущего, а у тебя, этих больших денег, на ее покупку нет. И потому, остается лишь пускать свои обильные слюни… Как и все мы, миллионы обычных людей, и во всех странах, тоже самое, постоянно делаем… )))

  10. Supercar Blondie has already given a new face and fascinating clue of presentation in Automobile demonstration. Love it from Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 ❤ 🔥😍👍

  11. I would like to see Lancia return from the ashes. They pioneered so many automotive ideas and won so many Rally Car Championships, that they deserve another chance to shine.

  12. It’s next to my favorite in all electric cars. I know everyone loves the tech in the Nevera but this next level and would be an absolute joy with family and friends.
    Great presentation as always …❤

  13. Usually the designers work a lot on the front side, but here, a considerable effort has been made on the back and the result is magnificent

  14. The rear is a work of art, not too keen on the front though. Maybe they should have took more inspiration from the Stratos there too

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