New Lincoln Model L100 Concept has a Cinema Floor

The brand-new Model admires the 1922 Model L.

The Idea includes streamlined, aero-influenced styling and a futuristic style that involves 's Quiet Flight DNA.

Amongst the coolest features is a jewel inspired controller for the cars and truck, the distinct door opening sequence and the movie theater flooring.

Principle Lorry. Not readily available for purchase.

# #LincolnModelL 100 #PowerOfSanctuary # 100.

The Lincoln Model Vehicle|Lincoln.

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New Lincoln Model L100 Concept has a Cinema Floor

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    1. @Apriel Phaskah I read the title, I understand it’s a concept car and likely to never be put into production. I only mention something practical. I didn’t say anything about a steering wheel or seatbelts… smh

  1. the thing that makes most concept cars impractical is the doors and how they open, this car would need a triple garage to park in or at least 3 car spaces at the local shops/mall just to allow everyone to get in and out

    1. How about ignoring inertia, like where are the seatbelts? It’s not safe to be a passenger of such car

  2. I watch a fairly large number of your reviews on various cars, and every time I am surprised at how quickly you find more and more cool copies. Blondie, if you suddenly read this, then know that you and your team are very cool! 😉 And thank you very much for such interesting videos.

    1. Is a bit big, and if you dropped that, you’re basically screwed. I thought SB was going to a couple of times, I can only IMAGINE the faces of the Lincoln execs as she was handling that glass car key = 😱🥵😳

    2. This is a concept vehicle. Future inspiration and ideas for innovation. Not everyone will be able to understand them but I can guarantee that the designers are happy with how thought provoking the vehicle is.

    1. Concepts aren’t built like production models; they are design experiments that will get tweaked, slightly re-modelled, to ensure it meets the following automotive standards once hitting production stage. Here the concept isn’t something that’ll be in next three years….more like a decade more when autonomous level gets higher to be fully auto.

  3. Alex is almost speechless on this car. And thats saying something because Alex is really good in being spontaneous

    1. ⬆️⬆️Thanks for the feedback,
      Expect more video very soon send a directiy message I have something for you 📦📦📦💯

  4. That’s kinda cool, love the rims and the interior. The Greyhound is a bit like the Spirit of Ecstasy. Not too sure about those massive doors, and the steering reminds me of the Mercedes Avatar, but nice looking car.

    1. The steering is very reminiscent of the Mercedes AVTR, It seems to be the way automotive designers are focused. A move away from traditional steering wheels and a shift towards the way things are in the home, like remote controls, computer mice, touchscreens, even things like Wiimotes, PS Move controllers etc. My big concern is about reaction speed in an accident, gliding around what is in essence a mouse, unless it’s unbelievably accurate, to avoid a collision, I don’t know. There’s a reason why the good ol’ steering wheel (through cosmetic redesign, and evolution, but even so) is still the de facto automotive control system of choice. It’s direct, and even though power steering is the biggest development, it’s still ultimately driver connected to road.

    2. @Mister Matix It will be for level 4 autonomous driving, so the car will be doing all the reacting. I think it’s the same as the EV which is for transportation while ICE remains for people who want to drive. I see a lot of advancements in transportation but very few for automotive enthusiasts.

  5. Scary, but the innovation is spot on the future where comfort and design work well to give the ultimate stress free ride.

    1. ⬆️⬆️Thanks for the feedback,
      Expect more video very soon send a directiy message I have something for you 📦📦📦💯

  6. Epic review. A glimpse of the near future that mixes advanced human existence and proposed future earthly conditions. If one would think outside the box regarding this vehicle platform, this would be very scalable to include upgrades such as : translucent solar panels, liquid titanium infused carbon fiber capsule, an enclosed power train utilizing a unique micro energy atom,

    1. @Kris Stockton that awesome feature would would be great to have. LINCOLN took this conceptual design way into the future, where this vehicle would be classified as a transporter, and there wouldn’t be a lot of vehicles in use on an updated road design built for failed/discontinued flying vehicle projects. Maybe micro auto jet propulsion would be invented and superior option to magnetic or force fan(drone type) power train components. Hopefully the people for that future succeeded in light travel. ✌️

  7. thank you supercar blondie.i love your videos about far my favourite one in new lincoln model.keep up the good work 👍👍👍💯

    1. 😉👆👆…..Alright congratulations you have been selected among my shortlisted wibbers☝🖕🤑🤩

  8. The door is quite impractical. Yess it’s soo cool but the size of it means more space is needed to get in and out . Apart from that, It’s quite a sick concept.

    Let’s see if it get into the production line

  9. Those Sweet seats need an adjustment when the passenger,
    sits on, and one extra adjustment when the seat is occupied, to be perfect.

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