NEW Maserati Grecale Trofeo! A Very Honest Review

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I am signed up with by Tony from @BehindTheGlass as I support the wheel of the brand-new #Maserati #Grecale Trofeo for the very first time.
This was during the Maserati UK Press Trip which indicated we only had about 30 minutes with the vehicle, however it was enough to form some relatively strong opinions about the brand-new Macan/X3 rival.

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NEW Maserati Grecale Trofeo! A Very Honest Review

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  1. Its been said many times but the on screen chemistry between you two is fantastic. Need Tony to step from Behind the Glass and appear on the main channel much more in future

    1. @D Neale Utter drivel you mean? He doesn’t like any car unless it’s a Ferrari or a Porsche, and it has to be 3 years old at the most. His character that he plays is pretty tedious, the man knows nothing about cars for someone that sells them

  2. I’ve been looking forward to a good review of this car, I quite fancy one. However at the risk of sounding like a stuck record, I struggle with touch screen everything. It’s less to do with being a dinosaur and missing buttons, but more to do with the fact I’m a middle aged man and need reading glasses to actually see what’s on the screen. So need to pull over to operate anything when driving alone. A few buttons for some basic functions would actually be much safer.

  3. Sam you are one of the only channels that I watch every single second of. Great content and always engaging! Well done and wishing you continued success.

  4. I’ve only watched the first minute and think you two should get back to doing more of these videos, Sam’s vlogs are amazing but these test drives and you two together, fantastic viewing.👍

  5. love the videos with you both in them! stops it being a straight car vlogger review and makes it more like 2 mates talking cars!!

  6. You have family here in Vancouver, Sam. Please bring BTG Live to Vancouver or do this format again.

    You both are fantastic and the channel I look forward to on Sundays.

  7. It was Such a pleasure watching Sam and Tony review this Maserati. The onscreen chemistry is unmatched. Kudos lads, I enjoyed watching this.

  8. I’d really like to see more content with your GT3. It doesn’t have to be super special content with it, your daily use of it would still be interesting with your video making skills

  9. The Grecale is a good looking car. I bet Tony will be able to get a good deal on these once they are out. Also I was reading that It’s the same platform as the Stelvio and the 5th gen Grand Cherokee.

  10. You’ve been evolving the channel and I’ve loved the journey… but then tony steps in your car and all is back to the first time he stepped in a car with you 😅 such a pleasure seeing some things just never chanced 👌

  11. Reference the Macan you mentioned, I have that model with all the buttons, and it’s way better than the new one with a piece of glass with digital buttons. When that piece of glass/plastic fails, it will all fail, much more expensive to repair. Also it’s easier to use the buttons on mine as you can remember where they are by feel, and don’t need to take your eyes off the road.

  12. More of you two please. You bounce off each other great. I watch every podcast and enjoy them so much.

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