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    1. @pumpernickel stickybottoms I could see that, unless sales aren’t where they need to be and this is a band-aid.

    1. It looks much nicer than a lot of SUVs on the road, also the quality, handling, and performance of Mazdas are better than other cars in its class.

  1. i think that he means this is compared to other suvs in this class, it’s gorgeous for the price. not too expensive for a luxury appearance

    1. @BlakeParker15 still less expensive than a bmw or mercedes & i think that helps the 90 out a bit. But I drive a Mazda CX-50 Turbo so I am a bit biased.

  2. Damn! Doug is officially part of the Illuminati, this is his humiliation phase 😂 JK. Anyways , Doug is just trying to pay bills folks . Part of the internet game.

  3. This SUV looks much better in person. I didn’t think it was that pretty until I saw one in person and I had the same reaction as doug – it looked awesome.

  4. I can see why people say this isn’t gorgeous, but this is one of the very few reviews cars I actually got to test drive one and it was in a different color called “Platinum Quartz” and it is absolutely stunning in the light. I kinda like their previous red more so than this darker one. And the one I saw, the side skirts/bottom 1/4 of the car and around the wheels was black and it looked a lot cleaner as well.

    1. Than you obviously aren’t a car enthusiast. Pretty narrow minded view. What about a Porsche Cayenne? Or Alfa Romeo Stelvio?

    2. @BlakeParker15 Cayenne Heavily depends on the year to even be considered decent looking looking IMO, Stelvio does look good though I won’t lie just don’t think about it much. I won’t lie I have a heavy distaste for crossover’s/SUV’s in general though.

  5. From here, it looks like someone stretched a Mazda3 in every direction. That’s not a bad thing though, I don’t hate the upsizing.

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