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    1. To get you hooked on “electric” vehicles.

      Once there 100%, they can turn off you car, house, heat, credit card, etc.

    2. Get a Tesla for 39k WAYYYY faster and 150 mpge.
      Its not even fucking close. Not to mention it drives itself and you dont have to buy gas or oil

    1. @Wehiremonkeys Will it? It’s a heavier car yes, but new tech (especially EV tech) can likely help fill most of the shortcomings. I don’t think it’s as definite as you’d think.

  1. I’d genuinely buy one of those used in a few years, then spend a ton of time and money gutting out the regular I4 and slapping in a modern iVTEC, fully wired into the hybrid system, and tastefully putting on small Type R badging on it with sport suspension and slotted disc brakes all round. A pipe dream of mine.

  2. I drove the older model Prius a few times and it felt very similar to driving a golf cart. When I came to a red light the engine would not idle and it was too quiet. It took some getting used to because I kept feeling like it had stalled.The engine comes back on when you use the gas pedal just like the golf carts do.

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