NEW V-16 Bugatti Tourbillon: All the details of the 1800hp HYPERCAR | Henry Catchpole

This is the new Bugatti Tourbillon, the follower to the and the Chiron, due to be provided in 2026. Its appearances are very much advancement instead of transformation however unlike its predecessors the Tourbillon doesn't have a turbocharged W16 engine, rather it has actually a naturally aspirated, 8.3-litre V16 established with Cosworth. This produces 1000hp by itself but in combination with 3 electric motors the Tourbillon has a combined hybrid system output of 1800hp (1775bhp).

As you can hear in this video, it is a quite unbelievable sounding engine, revving to 9000rpm. It's a distinct noise too and for comparison we've included the soundtracks of a number of its naturally aspirated rivals – the 6.5-litre V12 from the Aston Martin Valkyrie and the 3.9-litre V12 from the GMA T. 50 (both also established with Cosworth).

Bugatti's Director of Style, , talks Henry Catchpole around all the remarkable outside information of the 3.8 mIllion Euro Tourbillon but we believe the interior is possibly much more magnificent. With clear influence and inspiration drawn from mechanical watches the titanium dials are marvels to behold. The guiding wheel is quite crazy too …

And talking of watches, the cars and truck's name, Tourbillon, means whirlwind in French, however it is a word widely associated with a complicated mechanism discovered in watches. As Henry discusses, with the aid of a Ulysse Nardin, it was created in 1795 to negate the impact of gravity and improve the accuracy of timekeeping in watch.

Obviously, this being a Bugatti, it is extremely quick, with a leading speed of 276mph (445kph). It is also efficient in 0-62mph in 2sec, 0-124mph in under 5sec, 0-186mph in under 10sec and 0-248mph in under 25sec. But in the age of the active EV and automobiles like the Bugatti's cousin, the , pure performance doesn't seem to carry the sway that it when did, so where does that leave the Tourbillon? Catchpole thinks that the answer can be found in the quartz crisis of the 1970s and what followed.

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The Motorist's Seat with Henry Catchpole

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NEW Bugatti Tourbillon: All the details of the 1800hp | Henry Catchpole

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  1. The v16 hasn’t been used since the 1930s in a production car. This is a historical moment for the automotive industry

    1. ​@@abolsgrind5742 devel 16 fake plastic kit car with tilted Nintendo steering wheel can’t even go 2 mph

    2. Yup. The Cadillac V-16 was an incredible machine from the 1930s. I would roll up in a Four Seasons or the Wynn in that car over any of the Euro exotics.

    1. I used AI to come up with a new Bugatti engine. They defeated the top speed by 10 MPH lol. It took me hours to come up with it. Well done Bugatti!

    1. Thought of the same, i certainly believe it is real under load which would be crazy…. 3 pulls and that thing is close to empty xD

  2. Never in a million years did I ever think a V16 hybrid combo would even be possible in the modern era, and here we are.🤯

    1. In an ultra exclusive limited run car anything is possible, but with 3 E-motors I thought they would dial it back to V12, jury is still out on the sound. Sounds like a chiron to me but without the magical turbo and wastegate noises.

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    3. ​@@nighthawk0077 The jury is still out? It’s in. It sounds like a declaration of war. Most pissed off sounding production engine I’ve ever heard.

    4. @@onefastslimjim Perhaps pissed off, but not the best sounding. I still think a straight piped Lamborghini V12 sounds better, possibly a GT3 RS as well. We’ve only heard one recording so far from the factory so it’s hard to know for sure.

  3. The comparison between electric cars and the quartz crises in watches is absolutely spot on. It makes me hopeful that even if “regular” cars go electric, there will still be a place for mechanical enthusiasts just like in the watch world.

    1. There will have to be, there will never be enough resources and infrastructure to force 100% electric. The best shot at it would require powered roads like slot car racing.

    2. @@hendo337 In 1900, people said humans would never achieve powered flight. Now we’ve been to the moon over fifty years ago and setting our sights on Mars. Human ingenuity should never be underestimated.

    3. ​@@dougrobinson8602 It took 3 years from 1900 to the Wright flyer.
      We set our sights on mars 50 years ago and we’re still not even close to setting a plan for getting there.

      The average passenger plane used to be replaced every 6 years by a superior aircraft, now they stay in service for decades.
      Moore’s law is decidedly dead.

      Face it, technology doesn’t progress exponentially forever.
      We’re still riding the last of the high from the industrial revolution, but eventually we’ll be back to where we were 500 years ago.

    4. @@NosferatuandFriends I can promise you that we won’t regress back to the 1500s in terms of technology soon

    5. @@hendo337 um there is more than enough resources, it just won’t happen all at once, plus we are going to see other batteries besides lithium in EVS as well

  4. Might just be me but something very nostalgic looking about this car, reminds me of some 2000s concept cars. Excessive in all the right ways. Looks great

    1. I had the exact same thought. 2000s proportions without any of the cheesy details. Thematically really reminds me of the Audi Avus and Bentley Hunaudieres

  5. I’d hope Hagerty lets Henry do more of these types of new car release films. The one thing I miss from the old Carfection is the in-depth engineering discussion of brand new cars, calmly presented with history lessons and none of “overblown drama/excitement” that some other publications use to hype up the event. Really love Henry Catchpole’s presentation.

    1. A perfect blend of form meeting function. A bit like our man Henry 💫


  6. In 100 years that dash will still be revered as a masterpiece. The digital panels car makers pass off as a dash board today are embarrassing and should all take note of such a truly timeless masterpiece.

    1. Well, cheapos will be cheapos. We’re never getting analog gauges back in normal consumer cars…

    2. @@El_Jim Nah, I’d say Pagani made them step their game up and they brought a unique angle and offering.. I’d say the Lexus LFA also influenced the dials too

    3. @@GaIvatr0n Definitely Pagani’s stunning interiors drove this, if you’ll pardon the pun. Spyker’s interiors probably influenced Pagani. Spyker interior is a masterpiece, as is the Tourbillon’s.

  7. Henry handling a 5 (maybe 6?) figure watch while wearing a Casio Calculator watch is a brilliant move. Bravo Henry.

    1. Nardin became a meme in watch world,Vacheron and Patek are on the top of luxury watches while Rolex and Seiko are still the most influental watch brands in the world.Everbody else in mainstream watch market copies these two in some form or variation.

  8. Ollie Marriage from Top Gear, if you’re reading this comment, please learn from Henry’s ability to let people answer questions without interrupting them.

    1. That’s why i came here first. Over TopGear or CarWow. Cause I want to have a good presentation. Not a clownshow.

    2. @@krevo6c exactly, I hardly ever watch the top gear videos anymore, especially if they’re about the same car released at the exact same time like this one. Henry does such a great job!

    3. ​@@theheadoneThe Pagani Utopia video from TopGear was very good. I really liked the presenter (if i remember it was the head of TG Magazine).

  9. Automakers take note: mechanical instruments are premium, desirable, historically significant and most of all…better than a big slab of screen

    1. I wish Porsche would take some notes from this but it’s a different approach. I love the new technology in the Porsche cars especially with the upcoming Apple Bespoke Carplay. Bugatti just feels different though

    2. And you’ll never see it in your car because you’re not the rich elite. Enjoy your electric box with just the touch screen.

    3. @@MuppetsSh0w lol let a man dream. you’re gonna need to be a multi-millionaire at least tho. I’m trying to buy a Porsche, 250,000 is still more realistic than 5 million dollars

  10. I think the design is brilliant. It keeps the legacy of the Chiron while taking radically new approaches such as the rear diffuser. The interior is also incredible, both futuristic and classic with all the watch-making elements.
    The Tourbillon is definitely a gorgeous car, and while the Chiron might be a more raw car, the former is more refined and takes a new direction which I really like

    1. it’s also the switch from “lets make the most horsepower possible” to “we have too much power with the electric assist, what can we make out of it, lets remove the turbos and let it rev freely”

  11. The Quartz Crisis comparison was excellent. A feeling I’ve shared for years now. Glad companies are coming around.

  12. Thank you, Mr Rimac, for keeping the internal combustion engine in the new Bugatti especially a naturally aspirated one,something that a rare breed nowadays

    1. @@hassyg4083 its hybrid. electric motor in the back to start ICE + plus 2 in front and offer 40ish mile EV range for some situations but its 8.3 NA V16 engine that’s the heart of the car

  13. I have to say that I think your analogy with the quartz crisis is absolutely spot on, and you’re the only reviewer that has made that connection, I tip my hat sir.

  14. This is easily the best presentation I’ve ever seen. Henry’s usual excellence notwithstanding, this dude speaks like a sommelier working in a two star restaurant but also knows and appreciates every tiny detail of the car. He’s got all the facts and figures memorized, he’s passionate about the project and the team behind it and shares crucial insights into their mindset and the advancements they’ve made over the previous model. Outstanding.

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