New Whip, Who Dis? Nicko’s BMW E30 Daily Driver

Required a treat bag? We got your back:

Nicko's in our marketing department assisting us get the brand-new threads for youse people, and his trip is simply as fresh! This was completely transformed in simply 2 years with an S52 engine swap, Euro accents, and basketball leather seats with suede centers. This is the cleanest automobile in this or ANY parking lot!

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New Whip, Who Dis? Nicko's Daily Driver

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  1. Watchin videos on the bonus channel feels kinda like cheating lol 😂 I love it guys. Keep it up

  2. Sitn in a bad time, this video got my spirits up. Beautiful colors, inspirational build. I vote more mono e mono interviews with scotto. Wu tang for the children!!!! Bong bong. Peace

  3. Absolutely love this look, OEM++++. And this guy sounds like he’s a got some great qualifications and experience for you guys on the product side. Wutang is for the children

  4. Damn I thought Zack was gonna crack one open 🍻. I’m down with this , miss beer with also

  5. Fun fact. Those e30 wheels fit on early polo’s and golf’s, I had a set on my polo gt…. Original bread van gt

  6. Loved the episode,make this a series on the bonus channel, that would be fun, and we get to know the staff better👌🏻

  7. I was watching old DT videos, and man, what would make my month is seeing some proper Italian stallion see-saw burnouts like yous did in the 200$ miata, watching that video had me in knots!!!

  8. First off that’s a dope daily, love the little details that bring it all together. Second, whoever did the count on those cans in Zac’s bag needs to be slapped like Chris Rock. You can’t just willy nilly like that.

  9. Love what he did to the car it’s really clean. Would’ve love to hear it start tho.

  10. Damn this looks like DDE =))) it’s awesome! I love E30. I’d love one as a daily driver too <3

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