Nissan 400z gets a G-nose Body kit | Rendered with Kyza – Ep. 9

Khyzyl is back with yet another jaw-dropping render and perhaps, for some, a questionable build. Today's render is of a 400Z that sports a g-nose body package to give it that long-nose throwback look from the early Datsun Z cars and trucks. Some might think about the 400Z to be an untouchable automobile in regards to design, however the whole point of this series is to explore the "What if" scenario … I have to say I like this "What if" scenario.

Let us know what you believe in the remarks down below, should Khyzyl make this a genuine body kit?

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400z gets a G-nose Body kit | with Kyza – Ep. 9

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  1. Well Done!
    I found it funny when you first started the render and went from 1/2 nose to full nose in green, but no chin work yet, it looked like a platypus.

  2. I love it but the front reaches out a bit far for me. Id be worried about clearance issues. The overall design is incredible. Awesome work.
    Seems like 2-3 inches less out but the same angle would be only slightly safer near driveways xD

  3. Always great work by Kyza, but would really like to see something cleaner / stock body. Im not a huge fan of any widebody kits unless time attack, grid life or Tsukuba circuit, etc. keeping the stock fenders would be much more realistic as you dont have to chop up the body 🙁

  4. This is a very cool video series. Kyza;s design skills are top-notch. I also really like the soundtrack you guys use. Keep these coming.

  5. love the concept, but the end result not so much…that primary rounded edge is way too much for me

  6. The ONE thing that needs to be tweak with this design is the gnose bumper line that follows the headlamp line like a Joker smile. As it rounds the corner to the fender it should be parallel with the ground plane. Its an odd choice

  7. The Kyza killed it . I hope LTO brings this kit to market for the new Z , because the front end looks hideous.

  8. My biggest complaint with the new Z is that they didn’t keep the recessed headlights that had mad the first three generations so distinct. I’m glad you brought them back.

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