Nobody Knows What 22B Actually Means! #shorts


Nobody Knows What 22B Actually Means! #shorts

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    1. @@balls_deep_69 I don’t get what you mean what does this have to do with his credibility? You mean his ability to state true information? Cause it is true that it’s a debated thing and no confirmation from subawu.

    1. @@Averagedestiny2addictI think they go for between 300-600. Or it could have been the one that made from a carbon fiber

  1. What is means

    It was a play on the number “555” the tobacco company that was the sponsor of the Subaru World Rally Team.

    555 in Hexadecimal is 22B

    1. That’s one possibility, but just like he said there is no consensus on what it actually means. If you have a link that confirms that I’d love to see it, otherwise it’s just one of several possibilities.

    1. Then where’s the 22B model designation for outback and legacy and all the other impreza trims that used the same base 2.2 boxer engine in the 90’s?

      Also Japan usually uses cc’s and not L for engine displacement. Being that this is a JDM car, it makes even less sense to use liters.

    2. @@dan725 but its still a 2200 cc engine ccs and liters are interchangable so a 450 cc dirt bike motor is 0.45 l

  2. I like that it could be multiple things, 2.2L Bilstein, or Boxer, or code for turbo, as well as 22B being the hexadecimal for 555, which was their WRC sponsor. Feels like a very smart name if you overanalyze it.

  3. It is a special edition of the WRX that has the wide body work of the 1998 Impreza WRC rally car, as well as special 2.2 L engine, brakes, and suspension. Only a few were made. At the time, the title sponsor of Subaru was 555 cigarettes, and 22B translates to ‘555’ in hex.

    1. I don’t think so. Then shouldn’t entire lineups for cars and models be called that then? The Legacy, Outback, and Impreza all had that engine throughout the 90’s.

    2. Given that boxer also starts with a B in Japanese I’d say you’re correct. With the information we’re given…

  4. 11 is a prime number and there are more than 2 pedals to control the car. 11 times 2 is 22 and add B as the 2nd number of the alphabet.

  5. Subaru were sponsored by 555, but then cigarette sponsorship was banned in motorsport (including Marlborough in F1). Advertising had a rethink. 22B is the hexadecimal of 555.

  6. the B is actually a Subaru internal code for Turbo. 22B is also hexadecimal for the number 555, in reference to State Express 555, Subaru’s major sponsor in the WRC from 1993 to 2004

    1. @@thebaconsonful actually, one of my friends told me that back when I was working on cars and we came across a rally Subaru Impreza

  7. It was a play on the number “555” the tabacco company that is the sponsor of the Subaru World Rally Team. 555 in Hexadecimal is 22b. As another play on the number only 444 22b’s were produced.

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