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  1. i remember when i was in high school, i wanted one of these soo bad! this guy in my neighborhood had one, and i was in love with it.

  2. the northstar v8 is one of the most smoothest engines and beautiful sounding v8s ever… when they work tho lol

    1. My favorite part of the Northstar experience is how it intuitively helps with passing slower traffic by gently (but assertively) guiding the car into the oncoming lane when flooring the accelerator.

  3. My buddy’s father in HS bought one new, it looked like a Ford Taurus but went like a Dodge Stealth

  4. I remember when these came out. It was bold but unfortunately the reviews weren’t great and it had reliability problems. Didn’t sell very well.

  5. My grandparents had one of these it was actually a very dwcent car for the time. If it hadn’t been for Oldsmobile going out of production, their car would probably still be on the road today

  6. The water pump seized up on my sisters 4.0 aurora.
    Had to change it on the side of the highway, still have the expensive “special socket”, never used it again since.
    Hers had gold exterior trim and the neighbor kids kept stealing the 4.0 and aurora badges off it and the dealer kept ordering us chrome pieces every time I went in to get replacements.
    It was a great car for her but I hated that car. 👍

  7. At first the 4.0 dhoc 32 valve stamp on the valve cover registered in my brain as “alcoholic 32 valve” for some reason 😂

  8. The Northstar/Aurora engine could have been a world beater if GM didn’t cheap out on things like inferior head bolts.

  9. Craziest thing! I was driving through town Monday on the phone with my buddy when I told him, “I just seen a car at the relight and I cannot even identify what brand it is” THIS IS IT!!!

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