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  1. Honestly one of the things I liked about GM was the part sharing. If anything ever broke in my old GMC I could find parts in almost any GM vehicle of a similar year. (Within reason obviously)

  2. I took my driver’s Ed class in one of these cars, will never forget it. It was unlike any car I’ve ever driven or seen before. Now I realize that interior is borrowed from saab, still hella unique

  3. parts sharing has the benefit of being significantly easier to work on (ie yukon parts work on tahoes and vice versa)

  4. Part sharing is amazing
    Half of my yukon parts interior/exterior/under the hood literally from a Chevy tahoe and its cheaper and more easy to find

    Some ppl say that the yukon is just basically a tahoe bc they have the same engine and trans and the esclade with the yukon as well, but i don’t think so, Gmc is better in features and sound isolation, and the same goes for the esclade + more powerful engines and beter suspension
    Good job GM

  5. I loved these when they came out and I was 𝑛𝑜𝑡 a GM guy at all. But they were way too expensive for my meager salary at 19 years old lol

  6. I missed my 97 Aurora but the one thing I didn’t miss was the engine that being said I did cut the muffler off of it and while it did last it sounded amazing

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