ONE OF TWO: Special Ordered 1967 S-Code Ford Mustang GT Fastbacks!!

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ONE OF TWO: Special Ordered 1967 S-Code Ford Mustang GT Fastbacks!!

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  1. I don’t want to come down on that guy too hard but you have a 67 S code and you put it in an open field for 15 years………………

    1. And you know how rare it is… My Dad would hold on to cars until people stopped asking if they were for sale, and they were pretty much useless, then he would figure maybe its time to get rid of it.

    1. Im hoping they do a preservation on this one, the body is so clean and original compared to how the motor and interior faired

    2. Those wherls arex65/66 Mustang wheels. I guess you could still order them when it was new.

  2. Its 19:30 in the UK, I have a vodka poured & watching coffee walk…life is great right now. 👍

    1. @illsaveyes  great work if you’ve got a vodka poured at 09:30…ive gotta up my game..🤣🤣👍👍

    2. you guys realize when you put a time in comments itll take you to that time in the actual video

  3. Left his Dad’s valuable classic car in a field… wow.. I would have cherished that car.

    1. The son got the car for free from Daddy. So he’s obviously not going to take any care of it. The son probably drag raced it and beat on it. He didn’t even save the original engine block. He killed the value. I wouldn’t buy it Dennis

    1. So true so many cars waste away and rust out fully because the owner is too proud to say they can’t afford to restore it! By the time they do sell it after 20+ years of sitting the car is so bad it needs all new panels and it’s going to lose most of the originality….. such a shame! Maybe if you really love these old cars make sure it goes to a good home and someone does Save it and restore most of the original parts….

  4. Love that the restaurants have become as much of the show as the cars. Cool to shout out this small town place that looks awesome

  5. A suggestion from an outside observer. Do the Coffee Walk acquiring the vehicles like we are loving and fire up a 2nd YT channel going through the restorations of them. I’d love to see the details of what your guys go through in detail.

    1. I would enjoy it because the talents of the crew would be shown, beyond getting stuck by briars hauling cars out of weeds.

    2. Ya they could be pumping out way more content but it’s cool the way it is you know they mean business and every video is a banger.

  6. “Thanks for being such a good caretaker of that car.” I almost spat out my coffee when he said that. 😆

    1. Stuff happens and life priorities change. At least he didn’t let it rot into the ground.

    2. Me too, I was like…..What is Dennis talking about???
      The guy has a BARN and he “PARKED” it right outside the BARN since 2008 A BARN that has a ROOF and a DOOR and is DRY inside
      WTH man!! 🤨

  7. “Thank you for being a good care taker of that car” yeah right, he just left it on the field 😅

  8. That little pedal Mustang is so gol darn cute ! Still not sure why you’d leave your dads fastback in a field.

  9. Once again,thank you Dennis Collins for being an example of how a gentleman is supposed to interact with friends,family, business contacts and the general public.

  10. DENNIS is a Class Character he always is Professional + Polite! Pebble beach to a farm yard he can Charm them all. Eats like a Hog …looks like a hard wood log! Great shape.
    THANKS for the memories!

  11. In 1960, my parents bought a 58 cadillac from a Doctor friend of theirs. I was 1 year old. In 1982 mom gave it to me. She knew I wanted it, and told me to take good care of it. Lifelong Southern California car, that has certainly been a big plus in keeping it in good condition. Its very much original including its original power train. The car means a whole lot to me. Not just because I have lifelong memories of it, but because my mom and dad both drove it for decades. And of course I’ve kept my promise, she in good shape and goin down the road.

  12. Lots of people mad at the guy for letting the car get in that condition, but the truth is that a couple things happen: one is that people don’t realize how quickly a car can get away from them. They’re thought of as something that’s pretty durable, but they need constant protection and upkeep. And the other one is that life moves fast and things can just get away from you.

    My continued respect to Dennis for being the guy who can make these rescues and has the means to do so, and actually DOES it. And always does it with a smile, in contrast to the ever smarmy Shawn, who always seems like he’s trying hard to make somebody feel like he’s better than they are.

  13. Can’t believe that guy left an S code sitting in his field for 15 years! Hope you guys can bring it back to life. 🤠

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