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    1. The reason is that door will certainly be jammed once in an accident and you will be stuck inside so they gave you extinguishers. Terrible decision just to make it look cool

  1. I doubt I’m the only one reminded of the Batmobile from the Tim Burton movies.

    Does the cockpit canopy have a latch to let the driver pop it off so he or she can make an emergency escape?

    1. You should see what this car originally was, and the seating position it had.. xD

      It was originally designed for Gran Turismo as the McLaren Vision GT, similar to the Citroen GT, the Audi E-Tron VGT and the Mercedes VGT which was used by Bruce Wayne in Justice League.
      This car has a stomach down seating position in-game, kind of like a motorcycle with a Twin-Turbo V8

  2. Hopefully that roof opens easily when it catches 🔥

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