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  1. They are not that bad at all to own like ALL people who have no mechanical knowledge claim, if you buy a cheaper one treat them like a car that you wanna drive and love, NOT like a museum piece, meaning don’t fix every little stupid thing.. They won’t be that bad to own if you DIY some stuff as it’s possible like with any car, also have some money left after buying the car for parts, cross reference and save money over buying parts direct from Bentley where possible as well… Short answer, don’t be a sheep, LEARN about it, and if your capable, own one…

    1. ​@Hoagersyour sense of humor must be dryer than the sahara

    1. It was the flagship 4 door of the time for Bentley and Rolls as well as the β€œseraph” was the same vehicle for the most part, so phantom in terms of rank..

    2. It’s slightly outdated as they dont make the s600 anymore(i’m not talking about those tacky maybachs) but s63 amg vs s600

    3. @GG S63 was always the AMG version of the 550 as they are V8’s. but the 600 is comparable to the 65 as both are V12.. I don’t know why they always compared the 600’s to the 63’s one was built to be powerful and brutish β€œ63” and one still powerful but very smooth and like a jet engine β€œ600”.. I own a 2009 CL550, the coupe to the w221:)..

  2. Poorer people in money and spirit tend to buy VW trash rebadge cars, arnage t was the last Bentley.

  3. Bentley coupes and convertibles are bought by rappers and sports stars, Sedans are bought by old money folks.

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