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    1. And then the doctor went, ” This, is the 1988 Doug Demuro and I am going to review it.”

    2. @YouTube Sucks “Now talking about the cup holders, you would notice that the cavity is too shallow. So, when you insert anything in it, it will rattle. That’s another quirk of this 1988 Doug Demuro.”

  1. Land Rover has a tradition of releasing special editions where pretty much the only difference was the colour. Iโ€™m thinking the โ€œGameโ€ Series 3 Land Rover which also happened to be yellow.

  2. Didnโ€™t Richard Hammond tell a story about buying one of these, and the dealership gave him a pot of the paint to paint over scratches and the pot exploded in the car?

  3. Doug is they type of guy to cut off his finger just to put it in someoneโ€™s fridge to freak them out

  4. I was kind of surprised but Harry Metcalfe (from Harryโ€™s Garage and EVO) recently did a video with Jeremy Clarkson about using the Land Rover L322โ€™s (2001-2012) and they were both talking about what great farm vehicles they made. One had over 160,000 miles and I believe the other was over 200,000. I was kind of surprised, obviously both needed some work through the years but both men seemed very happy with them and hated the ones that came after, and they said they were way better than the P38.

  5. In the UK we call it AA instead of AAA because we know drinking is a solution, not a problem, so we don’t need AA. ๐Ÿป

  6. Are we just not gonna talk about the fact that it was Daddy Doug who broke the warranty for everyone else. Does nobody remember OG Doug and the infamous Rover before he became a zillionaire?

  7. The cars built during the time of the p38 range rovers would have been FANTASTIC had the engines not been absolute *garbage*. Similarly to Aston Martin, during the 90s and early 00s, Rover (JLR’s parent company at the time) was going bankrupt and so they had practically no money. The problem was, they were competing against companies that actually had money since they were in the highly competitive suv market

  8. There were 100 examples of the Borrego edition. Except that the yellow colour interior was finished with yellow stitching

  9. Sometimes I see these cars kitted for over landing with stickers from all ends of the earth and I start to wonder if all that luxury and capability are worth it after all. Thereโ€™s just no way though, right? Land Cruiser over this all day outside of warranty right?

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