Our Twin Turbo Nissan 370z Is SCARY FAST! Time For The Dyno!

Our 2,800 mile Nissan 370z is ready for the after sitting for 7 years! It's method quicker than we thought! Get 20% off site-wide for Valentine's Day at or utilize code JRGARAGE at checkout. Thanks to MVMT for sponsoring this video!

Matt got the cars and truck running last video and put in a base tune to experiment with. Next video we put it on the Dyno and dial in the tune and make absurd power. We purchased this vehicle sight unseen at Copart auction as a barn find time capsule with only 2,800 original miles.

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Very first start 370z:

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Our Nissan 370z Is SCARY FAST! Time For The Dyno!

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  1. Your vids got me hooked on Copart. Been waiting for the right deal to come up and bought my first car off them last week, already halfway through the rebuild and it’s definitely a winner! Love the content.

  2. Wow what a awesome car. I’d never sell a car like that in its condition, but you know how they say. A car is always for sale at the right price. Keep up the amazing videos guys, love your content. All the way from South Africa

  3. Y’all need to drive it, the convertibles aren’t worth as much and they made a TON of these and it will take a long time for them to appreciate to any meaningful value

  4. 576whp. Awesome build you got there. It’s a rare car to find with that low mileage so maybe keep it.

  5. That is truly an amazing example of “not over done/just right” I’d tune the boost @75% of safe and just enjoy it,

  6. Rpm’s might be rising between shifts because the waste gate is not dumping fast enough. The turbo flutter isn’t the best for the turbo, maybe consider getting a bigger waste gate. Awesome vid!

    1. *blow off valve

      Anyway I think it’s just because he isn’t lifting completely before he starts to push the clutch…

  7. Love the car. I have to admit I find the blow off valve sound too agressive. Makes it sound like a river car.

  8. The turbo flutter, or whatever that sound is would drive me crazy. I would be constantly thinking something needed repair. If you can fix it, I suggest doing that.

  9. What a gorgeous and stunning ride boys, for me I would enjoy it. Of all the cars you have it’s a great reliable car and easy to maintain and use.even if in say 3 or 4 years you get it to 5k miles on the clock ypu still have a very special car. As for power I’m gonna hazard a guess of say 548hp at the wheels

  10. I would guess something like 417 whp on what seems like a conservative 7lbs of boost. That would make it around 500 at the crank, pretty impressive for a VQ V6. My opinion would be to get the fixed up nice, paint correction, restore the headlights and whatever other little things. Then enjoy it for a little bit and then sell it! Move on to the next interesting vehicle 🙂

  11. Keep it under 550WHP with stock internals to be reliable. The engine is capable of 700WHP stock , but thats really really pushing it. The VQ37 is a beast engine…

  12. that Z must be so fun in the corners. 3200 pounds RWD + manual gearbox = one hell of a good time. I predict she’ll make 536 hp and 615 torque

  13. Just watched The Porsche series yesterday and I am addicted, You are making awesome content, Keep up the amazing work!

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