Painting a small-block Chevy engine (plus bonus 1060HP blower SBC footage!)

Work continues on our Chevy small-block engine. Davin preps the block and heads by taping off whatever he doesn't desire Chevy Orange. Then it's off to Traverse Body & Paint where the magic occurs. As a perk to this video, Davin offers some iPhone footage of the supercharged 400cc engine he constructed for his fond memories front-engine dragster, and walks us through his very first journey to the dyne with it, complete with some eye-popping horsepower numbers!

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Painting a engine (plus bonus 1060HP blower footage!)

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  1. Awesome you chose to share some of your private life with us Davin. I hope you are proud of those number because that’s impressive 👍👍

  2. Those valve covers will look stunning once the engine is back together! I can’t wait to see the final assembly.

  3. Very nice rail, I like the old school drag cars. That’s some good hp. Keep enjoying life, don’t let the haters ruin it.

  4. I like how your dragster engine blows up the dyno room with things flying around. Nice engine.

  5. Would love to see some video of your drags to running when it’s back together.. Must be pretty crazy going down the strip!

  6. Love ya, man! EVERY time I see a notification for one of your videos it puts a smile on my face. I usually save it for last like it’s dessert from a meal. Hopefully we’ll see a run or two from your dragster this summer!?!

    1. Yea, now that we’ve been properly “Teased”, further videos are Required !! Where all do you run?

  7. Glyptal is great I have used it for years never a problem I used to use it in a restoration shop where I worked, also if it is good enough for racing engines it sure as hell is good enough for me.

  8. Wow Davin, that’s perfection. That 283 engine is finished in color 100 times better than GM did back in the day!

  9. Love the name “parts chaser”!!! I presume you are using magneto for ignition, if so what is the make model and amperage of the unit?

  10. I’ve never seen a motor go so hard it breaks the dyno room!! You can smell the freedom through the phone

  11. Glad you got one of your projects done! Or at least a big step closer to being done! That Dyno graph was looking like you are about to have a great time!!!! Congratulations!!!!!

  12. I just stumbled onto your channel, and I am really enjoying what I am seeing!! Keep up the excellent work!!

  13. Hey Davin, really appreciate all these videos you’ve been doing – I’ve watched them all and thoroughly enjoyed them all!
    What I appreciate most is your “get out and get your work done”, ive been working on a frame replacement for my 1984 Nissan 720 for the past 11 months and I’m so happy that I’ve now completed it, it’s insured and back on the road. Still a few minor things to do, but your inspiration has helped me get through it!
    Next up is working on my 1990 Nissan 240sx and my dad’s old 82 Honda 450.
    Off to the shop to get my work done though!

  14. Wonderful work as always. Just my 5 cents: all you folks painting the engine (or whatever else) for wax and grease remover check if it’s also removing silicones. They are in various different products, are quite heat resistant and can make a bad day if not removed before painting.
    9:58 nice! blows the lamp from the ceiling

  15. Your engine is a thing of beauty, Davin! TY for sharing and helping us all to be motivated! :o)

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