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  1. GM and Chrysler went thru this period of time where they tried to bring back 50s designs and it’s just a shame the cars themselves were crap bc the designs could have caught on otherwise

    1. I think the prowler, the pt cruiser, and the SSR would all be perfect candidates for EV swapping.

  2. My neighbor down the street has one and I can’t help but stare everytime I drive by. I’d love to get my hands on one and hellcat swap it since in my opinion the V6 was the only bad thing about it

    1. When the car came out, they put the most powerful motor that they had in it (aside from the V10). Dodge made v8s at the time, but every one of them made LESS power than the v6 that came in the prowler.

      And to be clear, the prowler was a parts bin special. Aside from the body, literally everything came out of some other Chrysler/dodge product. That’s how they made them so cheap. And that’s why they exist. The bean-counters were convinced to put basically a show car into production because they could do it on the cheap by stealing basically _everything_ from some other car. The window switches were from a neon, the brakes were from a stratus. That sort of thing.
      Then they took the _most powerful_ engine they had and put it in there. This was 1996. Not 2017. A Porsche 911 turbo had 400 horsepower. Nothing was making silly power numbers yet. The 260 or whatever these things had was actually pretty decent for the time (for dodge at least). Though it did need a manual. I don’t know why they didn’t use the t56.

  3. Oh man I loved this car when I was a kid because it was like a real life Hotwheels on the road.

  4. Cars today lack any personality, and regulations are to blame. Sure, if you have a lot of money to spend you can get a car with personality for days, but some of us can barely pay for a $20k car.

  5. When I was a kid, i wanted 1. Now I’m 25 and have 1. I like it. it’s fun, and it’s weird.

  6. I’ve only seen a Prowler in real life one time and it was absolutely insane, like it looked way cooler than in photos for sure

  7. I had a prowler, stock made 254hp I put new headers and cat back exhaust on it plus a remap it was making close to 400hp

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