Polishing the Ferrari F40’s iconic rear window | Beyond the Details – Ep 5

Welcome to Beyond The Information, hosted by Tim McNair of Grand Prix Concours. In this series, we'll be following Tim as he travels America carrying out concours-level preparation to some of the rarest, most expensive and unique cars … worldwide.

This week, Tim works his magic on the GOAT: the . After a thorough clean down of the outside, Tim lifts the front hood to both clean it and appreciate the remarkable carbon fiber and kevlar weave that makes up the majority of the body panels on this remarkable Italian . The highlight of this episodes, nevertheless, is the polishing of the renowned louvered Lexan back window.

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Polishing the 's iconic rear window | Beyond the Details – Ep 5

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  1. That was totally unexpected to see JC in the car! Wicked funny! Made me chuckle. I would’ve done the same tho, what a car!

  2. It would be so helpful to have a list of the material and tools that Tim uses in an episode. I’ve managed to figure out a few details (get it? “Details…”) regarding sprays and polishes but it’s always informative to see what a pro uses for this kind of work. Lots of fun to see each episode.

  3. Beautiful Ferrari. My favorite. Red paint like a sheer gown on a bombshell woman, White knuckle performance like Enzo preferred , and Italy Green epoxy because Gray is for rain clouds .

  4. For those new to the F40, at about 1:38 you’ll notice the wide rear tire. The width actually extends about 6” past the left side of your screen which scales to roughly three feet in person

  5. I’d LOVE to see a full detail on an Alfa Romeo 8C. Or a 33 Stradale. Sorry, I know they’re rare, but you asked…

  6. I have some polycarb windows on my cab, been looking to make them more clear, whats the product you used for the plastic window?

  7. Hey sir and hagerty I want to ask, is this the only F40 you have seen with the green sealant ????? By the way at 10:36 there’s one imperfection on the side horse emblem lol

  8. I love these episodes… can these be longer please? 20-25min especially on these Icon cars. Great content!

  9. Surely the rain water can get in onto the engine through the slots in the plastic bonet cover? 🤔 I know it needs ventilation for cooling but won’t it get water logged?

  10. Would love to see Larry Kosilla / AMMONYC partner with Hagerty. I love the other Hagerty content, but Larry’s detail videos are the best.

  11. Seeing Jason in and around the car made this already awesome video… awesome..er.

    HOLY F**K that is a gorgeous car

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