Porsche 911 997 Turbo Is Really Fast #shorts


Porsche 997 Turbo evaluation! The 997 Porsche 911 Turbo is a remarkable deal. Today I'm reviewing the 997 Turbo, and I'm going to show you all the peculiarities and functions of one of the best overall modern 911 models. Then I'm going to the 997 Turbo and I'll evaluate the experience, and I'll reveal you what it's like on the road with a fantastic car.


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Porsche 911 997 Turbo Is Really Fast #shorts

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  1. They’re also reasonably reliable if you have the later model 997.

    Its said that 911’s and Corvettes are the only super cars that you can drive to the track, beat on them all day and then drive them home. No trailer necessary.

    (Is this 100% true? Certainly not. But there’s definitely some truth to it)

    1. My Corvettes have all needed trailers just to GET TO the track, where they would stay on the trailer, because they were broken

    2. @Rysk bot Vladimir Ivanovic the c8 zo6 and normal c8 are honestly both supercars, the c7 zr1 is a high end sports car (same category as Porsche 911s) but corvettes really changed their status as they look like supercars, are as fast as supercars, sound like supercars, and have a mid engine layout.

    3. @Rysk bot Vladimir Ivanovic bro they are mid engine and pushing supercar numbers In power now

    4. @The Masked Musician yeah but they’ll never be exotic. I’m never gonna call a car with a pushrod engine a super car

    5. @FFake the 911 is definitely more of a super car that the chunk of cheap plastic that is the Corvette. It will never have the status as a super car.

    1. @nathancarlk i did forget about the gtr. I don’t believe it was 2.9 though. Unless you’re talking about the early ones that they had to recall because owners were blowing the trans from the ridiculously overly aggressive launch control. I don’t think even those hit 2.9 though.

    2. @z  I had that old car and driver magazine my dad would give me when he finished. They had the 0-60 and 1/4 mile time for all cars and that was the first one ever to come out under $100k. 2nd cheapest was the porsha 911 at slightly over 100k. This was in the early 2010s, but yeah, 2.9 on paper.

  2. I think 997 is the sweet spot right now. It’s got everything you want in a Porsche yet it’s not nearly as expensive as other gens. Obviously 996 is less still.

  3. As cool as these are (and I love 911 Turbos), they are still in the $80k+ price range…just too many other great cars in that price range for me to look at these

  4. When your driving next to dougie and he is doing 50 MPH, you better not be in front of him! Watch out here he comes!

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