Porsche 997 Turbo Controls Are A Mess #shorts


Porsche 997 Turbo evaluation! The 997 Porsche 911 Turbo is a fantastic deal. Today I'm examining the 997 Turbo, and I'm going to reveal you all the quirks and features of one of the best overall modern 911 designs. Then I'm going to drive the 997 Turbo and I'll examine the driving experience, and I'll show you what it resembles on the roadway with a fantastic car.


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Porsche 997 Turbo Controls Are A Mess #shorts

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    1. We ain’t touch screen haters. I truly want the airplay system in my car. We just want normal simple button functions like ac/heater etc. go look at the new 2023 Honda civic type R, that’s the Interior we want on all cars. We don’t want the interior like the vw golf r 2023 model, we just want basic with airplay and reverse camera.

    2. Touch screen is grand if you can afford new cars but shite after that. Wouldn’t want be picking up a 7 year old bmw for example

    3. @murphyebass personally I’ve noticed when I had a 98 Lexus GS that the touchscreen and navigation worked so much better and was more responsive than my parents 2017 RAV4. I honestly think the tech has gotten worse instead of better, if 25 years of the exact same technology can’t be improved, that’s why I stick to 80’s to early 00’s cars.

    1. Aircon and heated sears shouldn’t be in the touchscreen. Same goes for volume.

      This car has too many buttons, but having touchscreen only controls is just as bad, if not worse.

      It’s like there can be a happy middle ground between them…

  1. Well, Porsche drivers need lots of activities so that their attention is drawn away from using the turn signals

  2. I’d have that over having everything buried under layers and layers of confusing menus in a touchscreen.

  3. The best part is when they get crusty and old you can peel the lettering off so you don’t know wth the button is for

    1. @CarBruh he’s not lying . They start coming off . Same buttons in the Boxster/cayman. They all wear out

    2. @Peter my Audi doesn’t have this problem. Same era. Porsche is notorious for this tho. As far back as the 944, from my experience.

  4. What is a mess is having to go into a sub-menu in your infotainment system to open the glovebox or change your climate controls.
    Buttons are easy to read and use.

  5. Here’s the mail it never fails it makes me want to wag my tail, every time I want to wail…. MAIL!!!!!

  6. You’ll receive an email on that screen explaining all the 46 buttons, 2 switches and the 2 dails.

  7. It was actually a very clear layout and easy to use, even while driving. Or do you prefer todays screens with 5 menus before you can adjust the airco temperature?

  8. This is SO much better than touchscreens. You’d learn it in an afternoon and never have to look at it again.

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