Porsche Boxster Spyder Is Brilliant And Underrated! #shorts


Porsche Boxster Spyder Is Brilliant And Underrated! #shorts

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    1. I remember when this thing came out and it looked so cool in person IRL! And then I find out it has the powertrain of the 911 Carrera and my brain just melted!
      I just have to make do with my golf Mark 3 2.0l! “The most fun you can have on the road is between 40 and 100”-Jay Leno
      (Something like that😂)

    1. Almost as confusing as bmw 😂 the last 2 digits ie 328 used to have a 2.8L engine but it the mid to late 2000s they just used the same 3.0l i6 for the 325-335

    2. ​@@GenesisRasphotos and now the i6 is gone for the 328/330 and it’s a 2L 4 cylinder now lol

    3. It’s really not.
      You want mid engine? Cool. You can have the base turbo 4, “s” turbo 4, GTS 6, or GT4/RS 6.
      All available as manual or PDK except the RS.
      You can have it any way you want it, that doesn’t mean it’s confusing.

  1. Yea no lol not even close doug loves to act like if cars share some parts there essentially the same car no the boxster is not even close to a GT4 in any way except it borrows a similar engine thats why its way cheaper and more fun snd reasonable for daily use lol

    1. I think you are confusing the GT4 (Cayman) and GT3 (911). The Boxster Spyder and Cayman GT4 are the same car underneath.

    2. @@ShishirTandalethey were not the same for the 981 generation. 981 Spyder had basically GTS X73 suspension. 982 Spyder (718) is the same as the 982 GT4.

  2. the addition of these rear humps behind the seat makes this car look 10x better than the boxster

  3. If you’re confused individual buy a Porsche if you’re not so sure about you’re life buy BMW and when you already satisfied in you’re life and confident, purchase a Mercedes Benz and you’ll find out you’re self later why ❤😮

  4. So every Porsche is a 911, is what you’re saying. That’s why I love the 911 so much.

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