Porsche Carrera GT: Six-Month Ownership Update


I've had my Porsche Carrera GT for SIX months and I have actually driven it a lot. The Porsche Carrera GT has actually been my dream car for several years and I finally have it. I'll discuss the ownership experience, what is broken, and what strategies I have for it to make it much better.


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00:00 CARS & BIDS!!!
00:40 History of My Carrera GT
02:37 The Driving Experience
03:04 The Infamous Clutch
04:53 The Greatest Surprise About Owning The Carrera GT
06:08 The best Motorist's Car?
09:31 Peculiarities And Features About Ownership
12:30 Things That Have Broken
15:26 Repairs and Upgrades
17:53 Outro

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Porsche Carrera GT: Six-Month Ownership Update

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  1. Watching you rave about how much you love the car genuinely put a smile on my face, Doug is absolutely living the dream

    1. @Benedict Not so much now I’ve finally grown up but I used to get jealous of people “making it” but never doug. He’s gone from working the phones at Porsche to this and I couldn’t be happier for him. Not to mention he’s not a braggart about it. He’s doing this videos to share his excitement not to say “look what I can do”.

    2. I genuinely am so proud of Doug. Been a subscriber since about 2019 and I never thought I’d see the day that my man got his CGT. I’m still in disbelief

    1. fr doug is the type guy to correctly operate the Porscge Carrera GT’s unique clutch system

    2. fr doug is the kinda guy to correctly operate the Porsche Carrera GT’s unique clutch system

  2. Man it’s already been 6 MONTHS?!

    I remember you barely managing to keep it together with excitement and happiness about your Carrera GT like it was yesterday. Time flies, man. Can’t believe it’s been 6 months with your Carrera. So thrilled and happy to see you enjoy the car, too.

  3. Glad you are enjoying it Doug 😊 Would love to see a video of the rear wing conversion process when it is being done on your car.

  4. Doug, can you do a quick follow-up video to talk about the shifting process once you’re underway? What you described sounds like its only applicable from a stop, and I’m curious about the other up and down-shifts.

    Btw this is one of my favorite videos of yours and it makes me happy to see you so enthralled with the fruits of your hard work.

  5. Doug, I’m so happy for you!!!! I feel the exact same way about my modified manual 993 as you do, so watching this video brought such a smile to my face seeing how happy it makes you. – If you had gotten a yellow one, it would be a lot less under the radar lol.

  6. This is crazy, i remember the day the video of his carrera gt first came out and already 6 months passed, this is insane how time flies. But it`s always a pleasure to watch these videos, seeing Doug enjoying the cars makes me smile.

    1. Doug actually mentioned that… he’s owned the car for 6 months but didn’t announce it right away. So the video has only been out for 4 months.

    2. @87 Teggy oh really? I think i probably missed it out but even those 4 months didn‘t feel like it was 4 months

  7. Thank you for this, Doug, entertaining and informative as always. None of us will ever own a Carrera GT but we get to live vicariously through you.

  8. My first introduction to the Carrera GT was in a video game.
    It was called Need for Speed: Most Wanted.
    That whole game has been one of the reasons why i love cars.
    But i remember finally driving the Carrera and just being amazed.
    Like, the thing is just a jet plane on wheels. The sound, even in the game, was so cool.
    Seriously, what a legend of a car.

  9. Here in Germany, I actually learned driving manual this way. It does make a lot of sense, and it allows you to “feel” how the clutch works, then after a few times you just press the gas pedal earlier and earlier until you’ve found “the spot”. Maybe that’s how the engineers learned to drive as well, and that’s why the clutch is the way it is.

  10. ive been watching you for years and seeing you a car enthusiast like myself and your viewers it just makes me so happy to see you fulfilling your dreams!

    i always loved your video style your the only guy that REALLY shows cars in detail
    keep doing what you do doug!

  11. I absolutely love this video! It’s great to see you enjoying this dream car you have lusted after for so long. I’m in a similar situation myself as I bought my first Ferrari a 2012 458 Italia back in December of 2022 and currently in the process of making a 6 month ownership video of my experience with it. I can definitely confirm the cost analysis with driving supercars and hypercars and putting miles on them. I think one reason the CGT goes unnoticed, is to the untrained eye it probably looks like a modified Boxster, and then add in the color aspect and most people don’t take a second look. Congratulations on achieving your dream and I wish you many years of ownership enjoyment!

  12. I remember when this car came out. It is an amazing car. It sounds fantastic. It looks incredible. One detail I noticed immediately and thoroughly enjoyed was the side mirrors. I really liked the shape and the pedestals.

  13. There’s something so pure about an enthusiast driving the car they are enthusiastic about instead of parking it in a jet hangar somewhere with all of your other priceless cars just because you have money. I’m glad you are driving your dream car, Doug! I hope to be right there with you one day with my dream car. Ima drive that thing until I have to restore it!

    1. I kind of agree with what he said though, get a boxster and put 15,000 miles a year on it and park up front at the store. Cars like this carrera GT are basically for collectors, not enthusiasts. Now the Ford GT, it just has Ford parts, drive the crap out of it.

    2. @Jeff K I can see that. From the time I was a kid I loved the Skyline R-34. One time I figured out how much it would cost to bring one over to the US, taxes, maintenance, etc. It was staggering. I’d rather have a Z that I can drive like a madman and not worry about repair costs, etc.

  14. So glad Doug’s dream car really is as amazing as he imagined. That’s exactly what any enthusiast can hope for. And out of anyone, he deserves it

  15. I just survived throut cancer. At 60 I’ve learned to enjoy all the money and things I’ve worked so hard to achieve. Drive it Doug! 💯

    1. Hey I have a low mileage accord. 2013 at almost 60k miles. Do I drive the hell out of it or enjoy it rarely? I have 3 cars and the 13 accord is my nicest.

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