Porsche Cayenne Turbo Off Road Stuff #shorts


Porsche Cayenne Turbo S review! The 2006 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S was the initial high-end super-performance SUV. Today I'm reviewing the Cayenne Turbo S, and I'm going to show you all the quirks and functions of the Cayenne Turbo S. I'm also going to drive the Cayenne Turbo S, and I'll explain what it's like on the road.


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Porsche Cayenne Turbo Off Road Stuff #shorts

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  1. Cayenne are still incredible off-road capable, most people wouldn’t believe it. They are tested in Weissach on the off-road proving ground. They have a hill with 100% gradient (45 degree). The Cayenne can stop on that hill and get moving again. Of course you won’t go off roading with you 22″ tires 😉

    1. @computercrack Youre right, ground clearance on the model 3 isnt great, but I looked up the approach and departure angles for fun…and the model 3 has better approach and departure angles than a porsche cayenne. The model 3 has a 30 degree approach angle wile the cayenne is trailing at 25.2 degrees which is pretty funny, so the model 3 and go up whatever steep hill the cayenne can go up without it damaging the front but however ground clearance is holding it back.

    2. @TheDumbConspirator it’s not only about the approach and departure angles. You also need the ride height and the Cayenne can be raised 25cm above ground. So the angle may be worse but coupled with increased ride height you may have better ground clearance. Not saying that’s a fact but possible. Also the approach angle is more or less defined by design. They could raise the front spoiler lip or put it further back or both. But of course the look is more important in this case. Anyway. All I was trying to say is that a Cayenne is way more capable off roading than most people think it is. Let’s put it that way: It’s 100% enough for what a Cayenne owner might do or expect. It’s just not the type of car for hardcore off roading, it’s simply to expensive for that use case. On the other hand the first gen was used in the Transsyberia rally and they are relatively cheap to buy. So if someone wants to do off roading in a Cayenne they should get the 1. Gen.

    3. It’s not incredible offroad.. just the weight distribution. Off road specs are lightness clearance, ability to lock differentials

  2. it’s a touareg though. touaregs had awd options, vr6, v8 and v10 tdi engines. at least, it’s the same chassis or architecture.

    that’s cool though, but I’m not surprised that no one really used it. Porsche isn’t the first name in off road capability, and it’s kind of risky to drive something that expensive like that.

    1. New chassis, body, suspension, different engines, luxury interiors, there’s a reason people soup these up for off road use. Because a Jeep is for poor people

  3. If I remember my teens right, the Porsche Cayan and Volkswagen Touareg won Four Wheeler magazine’s offroad tests against other SUV’s so often they had to come up with new rules to disqualify them as a competitor and even then they still used the V10 TDI Touareg as an unofficial metric for a few years and there was many a new SUV review lamenting that basically nothing could touch the Touareg on or off the road.

  4. Porsche forgot that people who buy luxury SUVs will only ever “off-road” aka drive on their gravel driveway

  5. Y por eso el viejo Cayenne era mucho mejor que el nuevo, recuerdo la prueba de Top Gear con Jeremy Clarkson, decía que llevaba diferencial autoblocante viscoso, Genial!

  6. En principio, la Porsche Cayenne se diseñó para ser un vehículo de prestaciones “off road” para competir en el segmento de SUVs 4×4 su esencia se está perdiendo por ahorrar costos y por qué Porsche sabe que ese vehículo NO será usado en “off road” y la mayoría de sus dueños solo buscan “verse bien” cuando van al supermercado….

  7. Porsche put all those gismos on the Cayenne only for rich moms to take their little kiddies to school. They learned their lesson quite quickly

  8. Obviously, they wanted, the station wagon. But it couldn’t be called a station wagon. Porsche didn’t realize that they just had to put their name on a station wagon.

  9. That’s sad that new generation Cayennes and Touaregs dont have a low range and diff locks anymore. At least it would be nice to have it as optional for new generation’s. I understand that 99% people dont take them offroad, but there is still some people who would like to take it off road

  10. The second generation is incredibly capable off-road. I was shocked at how competent it is in the stickiest of situations.

  11. Could still get the offroad ride height in Canada as an option, I’m bidding on a 2015 diesel at the dealer auction this weekend here.

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