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  1. I’ve always been a porsche enthusiast. Fell in love with the 944 as a child. Unfortunately, I have literally never been able to afford that miligned car or any porsche my entire life due to the economy and my inability to earn an 8 year degree.

    1. I bought a 99 boxster for 2500 and i love it i do my own maintenance tho. Theres a 912 in my area on sale for 28000 id buy it if i had the funds.

    2. idk your situation but I’m seeing so many opportunities to make money with no education or capital it’s crazy. Can’t have a comfort zone. Age doesn’t matter. We live once.

    3. @kylelarsone  as a guy who has been down that road all his life: most of those are smoke and mirrors, designed to lure you into buying a class.

  2. What Porsche wants and what their dealers do are two very very different things. Until they go to direct sales their “special” models will be nothing more than investment opportunities.

    1. It’ll make it easier for enthusiast to purchase their 911s too because when they sell one in very low numbers and for a high price it makes it hard for them to afford and even get. Reservation for before people who just buy them to have them

    2. This is why I don’t understand 1000+ HP limited production cars. Why would you only make 500 if it’s so focused on performance and meant to be driven.

  3. They need to increase production and create more halo models. The 718 is on the level of previous 911s and 911s are cheat codes against supercars. Build a 918 successor,a Brabus style Turbo S, a new GT1, make it a numbered car and profit when they sell thousands of Boxsters, Macans and 992s. The GT3 is great but at this point you can’t get them driven when every one requires a huge markup and wait time, save that for the GT1/2 and other truly special cars.

  4. I was just offered a GT3 Allocation – the dealer wanted $115k markup on the car. Porsche does not care about selling to enthusiasts and they’re fine with the dealerships scraping every last penny from their customers.

    1. $115k is more than I’ve spent on every car I’ve ever owned in my entire life combined and I’m pushing 40.

      Idk where you people get this kind of money but I want in. I’m smart and willing to work hard. What else does it take? Do you have to hurt people? Do you have to lose your conscience? Manipulate people? Take advantage of those less fortunate? I need to know if there is a way to do this and still have a clear conscience at the end of the day.

    2. “Porsche does not care about selling to enthusiasts” – sure they do as long as they have enough cash. This is the greediest car company in business. Everything is optional.

    3. ⁠@2nd_place Jeez dude, pessimistic much? To make GT3 money you have to own a successful business, not just “work hard,” let alone hurt people.

    4. Well no – the dealer tries to flip it for the highest bidder, you weren’t offered an allocation, your dealer wants to make as much money as possible out of it, thats what Porsche wants to eliminate – but hard to do.

    1. Disagree, luxury items live off brand reputation. A Dolce & Gabbana shirt is only worth $500 because rich people think it is. Similarly, rich people are paying out the nose over MSRP for a 911T, which isn’t that special, because of brand perception.

    2. For Porsche it’s actually better if people buy the cars and don’t drive them. They come with extensive warranty coverage from the factory, so if someone just doesn’t drive the car until the warranty period is over, that just means Porsche doesn’t lose money on warranty claims. If you successfully flipped a Porsche for profit, you are also much more likely to buy another one way sooner than someone who owns one to actually drive it.

    3. Porsche is the only brand who supports older model parts like NO OTHER brand. Toyota, Nissan.. gives AF about that matter.

    1. A guy a I used to work with dailies a 992 GT3. Never saw him drive anything else, even in 3 inches of snow. Great guy too

  5. I probably won’t own a real one but as a die cast collector, I can own every model they’ve come out with. Next best thing in my opinion! LOVE PORSCHES!!!

  6. I remember my grandfather telling me about a scenario that happened back in the maybe 1980’s. He was working in a relatively mid sized farming town and one of the big shots bought a Porsche for daily driving. With the town having speedbumps the guy complained at Porsche for how badly and uncomfortable the car drives around town, to which Porsche simply stated “Sir, you bought a Porsche, so you have to drive it like it’s a Porsche”😂

  7. I bought a 992 S and drive it every day. These cars are awesome, they’re meant to be enjoyed, they’re meant to have rock chips because that means you’re raising hell down back roads and open highways enjoying the car the way it was intended.

    1. Bingo. Build (would have been) a natural successor to the GC8 Subaru STI via Porsche tech and charge 50k for it. A lightweight 4 door sedan with a turbo boxer 4 engine. Keep it simple, keep it fun.

    2. Bingo! The fact an Entry Level 911 is minimum $100k, when many competitors are selling “Competitive Sports Cars” for half the price, is why enthusiasts had to go elsewhere. Best Selling 911 was the 996, and Porsche would love another 996 in terms of sales.

    3. ​@Sabo Productionsare you all guys joking or what? PORSCHE OFFERS the 718 CAYMAN at $70k msrp. Where do you live? LMFAO.

  8. Yeah making a bunch of special models is exactly how you cater to the speculator/collector market. That is what they are doing

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