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    1. What most people don’t understand is that this is going to have to take decades upon decades upon decades to reach next Gen car designs. We probably won’t see these car designs in our lifetimes. If so, then car sales would just roller coaster.

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  2. There also need to be built-in drones, when you come out, they must fly around and make photos with flash.

  3. About 85% of us won’t be here in 2035 thanks to the super successful pop control that just took place 🤡👍

  4. If it’s Rolls-Royce 2035, I would go for a flying Rolls-Royce concept.. For me this is just 2026 concept

  5. Машина не нравится , а вы очень красивая и мне нравитесь …. Вы классная всегда о машинах так всё подробно объясняете , супер 👍❤️

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