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    1. @dtw1622  yeah, but I was a broke 19 year old when I got my maxima.. and that was an upgrade from my 07 civic haha

    1. 1- The Cobalt did a (8:22) while the R34 achieved a (7:52) around the Nurburgring.
      2-It’s not priced that high strictly for its performance but more for it’s legacy.
      4 wheel steering, engine capability, timeless looks all of that in the late 90’s was pretty decent.
      Still overrated though i agree.

    2. @shingos shojiopoulos yes it is. You cannot argue with the OFFICIAL CERTIFIED RING TIMES. The official time for the R33 Is faster than both with a 7 min 59 sec. Officially certified times or it didn’t happen.

    3. @Outtacontrol304 so it’s still faster than a cobalt ss and it’s 10 years older also. The cobalt SS did around 8:22. From what I’ve read it was 0.5 seconds slower than a R32 GTR which by that time was already 20 years old

  1. I see a lot of those here in Florida some of them being scrapers where they just scrape on the ground which I like and another one I saw was diesel swap and all you saw was just black smoke pouring out

    1. @oni they can’t legally sell it again, the regulations and safety standards are different, so they wouldn’t be able to sell it new. Legal and safety gets in the way of everything cool but at the end of the day it’s for a reason

  2. Forget the launch colour, I am going all in on the loud, purple boy racer look if I’m ever lucky enough

    1. Either. By stock, he means the internals hasn’t been upgraded or strengthened. These engines, the 2JZ and LS engines are famous for taking power without needing to reinforce with forged internals.

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