Rare glimpse inside Blake’s Auto Salvage | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 57

While in St. George, Utah, learns of a with hundreds of strong old vehicles, where the owner never offered anything and never allowed anyone inside. In classic Hunter fashion, Tom makes a few telephone call and sweet-talks his method into Blake's Automobile Salvage. It is undoubtedly a veritable fortress of forgotten automobiles. Numerous are only great for parts, but amongst them Tom discovers an Torino, a classic White 706 trip bus from Yellowstone, and a low-mile Lincoln Continental .

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Rare glimpse inside Blake's Auto Salvage | Hunter – Ep. 57

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    1. GETUP AND GO I thought he was going to be a jerk at first honestly, turned out to one of the best ones. Kinda makes or breaks the video’s for me on this channel. Not a huge fan of the main host. Not complaining either.

    2. @Willis What Chu Talkin Bout I like Tom as the host, but it’s always neat to see how others can bring their own style to the roll

  1. Almost speechless..so many cars, so little time and money..
    Thx Tom for the heart ache..πŸ‡§πŸ‡²πŸ»

  2. Red is right about certain people say they want their stuff but never come back for it. Just like storage units and stuff left behind. I work in the dealership parts world. When you order a part special order, it’s pre-pay because if we didn’t require pre-pay we’d be loaded-up with special order parts. The crazy thing is the amount of pre-paid parts people don’t ever come back for. Expensive stuff too. People are weird.

    1. I clean foreclosed homes my true to send a box of baby pictures contacted the people never showed in the trash it went

    2. People change their mind or can’t stay focused on a project or idea. I have 3 projects. Just in one day while thinking and planning and working on one car plans changed. You start a project you find out how much it cost or it turns out it was not an easy fix so things change. Also sometimes you make a deal sleep on it and the next day you don’t want it. The wife and I went car shopping and the first car we looked at I knew we would buy it but the wife had to look at other cars. She realized the first car was in excellent condition but it had been sitting in a garage for ten years I told her I will get it running. So all of us change our minds after thinking and something else better gets in the way or we are too dumb to make a decision.

    3. I did maintenance and remodeling on commercial and residential properties for 24 yrs and have gone into apartments where they left everything.

    4. I worked at a buy here pay here (sketchy) dealership and we’d repo cars and give people 3+ months to come get their stuff and 90% of people just left everything behind

  3. Always excited to see another episode of Barn Find Hunter πŸ™‚ If a 1937 BMW 328 racer can end up sitting in Iowa for decades, then anything’s possible when looking for old cars.

  4. Tom
    Another five episodes of this wonderful place would be very appreciated by all of us who look forward to your finds. This place was truly amazing.
    Thanks for continuing to search out these hideaways….

  5. Loved this episode; imagine my car being towed with all my stuff and I never went back, 40 years later someone came and had a look

  6. Great collection . Thanks for saving these cars ! Barn Find Hunter is by far one of the the best car shows on YouTube. Appreciate the look. Outstanding time watching from my Lazy boy!

  7. Nicely done show, obviously many of us wouldn’t mind a longer tour or a part II & III. And be interesting to know if viewers here are able to make some deals.

  8. A damn shame so many legends of automotive engineering will never have see the light of day…please tell me their is a part 2 to this yard!! The old ambo/coaches particularly intrigue me!!

  9. WOW! It boggles the mind that such a collection can still exist. Since I’m not Tom Cotter, Barn Find Hunter I’ll never get to see it so thanks so much for finding and sharing.

  10. Love these old auto salvage yard tours. I used to wander through them in my 20s and 30s, dreaming of the possibilities. I don’t get why people invest so much time and money into acquiring these old cars, just to let them rot in the elements for decades. Humans are a strange species.

  11. What an amazing experience to go threw the yard visually, I would LOVE to take the entire day going threw this yard. Thanks for the video, was very nostalgic.

  12. Thank you for this video! Red is my Grandpa and he just passed away in December. This is such a great memory of the legacy he made.

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