Rare Kit Car, will it Run?

a buddy got this cross between a vette and a frog kit cars and truck, it is based on a air cooled vw chassis, no genuine on it however lots of damage, lets see if we can bring it back to life. note this was shot in mid Jan 2020,

Rare Kit Car, will it Run?

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  1. What most impressed me was you backing a trailer through that maze of a parking lot like it was nothing!

    1. @Killianwsh definitely makes it more fun, currently been using our +6″ Discovery II on 36″ rubber coupled to a 5×4′ box trailer & the steering is so touchy just to keep it straight, by the time you can see it in your mirror you’re gonna jacknife unless you pull forward

    2. @dan mackintosh Lol! I can 100% relate to that Dan! I finally got tired of fighting the “ornery midget” and added a 6′ length of box tubing between the hitch and the trailer making it longer & also got a couple of those kid’s bike flag poles and rigged them to stick out to the sides so I could see them move left or right well before the I got it jacknifed. Wasn’t a perfect solution & was before cheap back up cameras were a thing, but it was a LOT better than it was before. Good luck to you Brother! 🙂

  2. Some of his expressions whilst taking off had me in stitches, The best buy far was losing the steering wheel.Very entertaining Mustie and friend.

    1. @Nikki Vix Looks more like the Volard Vokaro, the Invader had a a longer body and was built to take doors.

  3. I’d drive that thing 7 days a week laughing the whole time prob put a couple more lug nuts on it but hey it would be a blast! Thank you Mustie for a week day diversion sir . Anytime we can start the morning with Mustie1 is a good morning…

    1. When you have a lot of experience, it turns out to be a lot easier ! You know, practice makes perfect……

    2. @Coy Hilron I bought a 5′ x 8′ drop tailgate utility trailer about 5 years ago…practice with one of those little short coupled jobs for a few years! Your trailer backing skills WILL improve greatly! My 16′ trailer seems like child’s play after getting used to backing up the short one. lol.

    3. I immediately chimed in about that too. My neighbor is a freaking wizard at getting all his landscaper rigs zigzagged through without hitting the house or garage. Mustie showed me how it’s done.

    4. I was thinking the same. I have a semi truck with several 48′ trailers but find those dinky trailers often harder to back up, they want to jackknife all the time because they’re so short. And they don’t have a straight side so it’s harder to see which way they’re pointed. Boat trailers are the worst because they’re so skinny you can’t even see them

  4. That was great. The most fun I’ve had in the last 3 weeks by far. I had a great laugh at your friend’s expense. Thanks for putting up the video. Great stuff as always. Take care & be well.

  5. We’re going to need Mustie2 back on the show in the future. He’s hilarious! Agree on the difference a sonic cleaner makes over just soaking.

  6. Darren this has to be one if the funniest videos you have ever put out had a great time watching it. Your friend made the day when the wire hit the axle and sparks went flying the look on his face was priceless. I tried to stop but couldn’t help my self but laugh. Glad you guys got her to run. You two are two of a kind you work so well together. Be safe and stay healthy.

  7. Love your videos. This one is my new favorite! That car brought back memories from my teenage years watching Hardcastle and McCormick. The car in that show was similar to the Volkaro. It was made to look like an old McLaren, and was built on a VW chassis with a Porsche motor. Plus, the way you two banter back and forth is hilarious! You can tell you’ve been friends a long time, and it works well to make the video even more interesting.

    1. pen name I wish, I’m not near as clever as he is with anything mechanical, although my boss is also a mustie fan and called me the “mustie of computers” once when I saved an old HVAC machine with a paper clip

  8. Just a BIG THANK YOU for adding some more mustie time. I’m going covid crazy being impounded and it’s good to Have a few cups of coffee and watch you work your magic on “ rusty junk” keep it up and PLEASE stay safe!!! P.s. whatever happened to the beaver? All that thing needed was a 14hp vanguard to put a little giddy up in its swimming abilities 🤪

  9. I love this video. I’m way too old to do all of that climbing so I’ve added doors to my Vokaro. Beautifully designed little car.

  10. Darren thanks so much for the extra quarantine video. It provides entertainment and escape from these strange times if only for a little while. You’re a star for putting it up. 👍

  11. That flapping sleeve, that spinning fan belt, the excitement and tension of it all!!!!! Great fun film though 👍

  12. For some reason, I like this little thing. If it were running perfect and I know it will when yall get through with it, with a vw motor and that fiberglass body that weighs probably all of 50 pounds, I bet it will haul tail until you get to 60 and it’s got to be a blast to drive. That’s pretty cool.

  13. You guys are my inspiration to work on small lawn mower motors and stuff like that. I am only 11 but i think its an enjoyable thing to do. Its not only informative but also enjoyable. I have a push mower that i got running, and my grandpas old riding mower. I also recently bought an antique miniature JC Pennies lawn mower. keep up the great vids. this vid is so cool and the reason i subscribed.

    1. Be carefull…✌👨‍🔧👨‍🏭🇩🇰
      as a young person I became addicted to mechanics and I have no regrets but, only had fun .. i went to be able to fix “everything” after I was trained as a mechanic later .. 😎🇩🇰
      go’e for it ‘…

  14. A buddy of mine had one of these back in the 80s. The title said it was a Vocaro. Was a fun car to drive. Better looking dune buggy.

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