Rare Lamborghini Destroyed in Wrong Way Crash

Here is what took place to our uncommon Lamborghini

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Rare Lamborghini in Wrong Way

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  1. You changed your business plan and rent to questionable people? She sounded like a real upstanding citizen… not

    1. @James Murphy I’ve got tons of white friends, their kind of weird tho. They like to listen to rap and talk in slang like they’re so cool, sometimes they even ask me if they’re doing certain black things right. Oh and dont let me get started on the white girls, they’re always trying to get in my pants and compare to the white guys who left them unsatisfied. I find it funny how much they all fetishize me and want to be like me but it’s people like you who think I need to be more like you.

    2. Martin _8346 Talk civilized? You mean talk like a European. So only people who talk in a specific dialect that easily understandable by your ears are “civilized”. You’re part of the problem. Judge someone’s character by their actions not their way of talking.

    1. Wait till renewal of his business insurance will be expensive then, unfortunately! Terrible situation with both crashes within four days, need to take stock of his business plan.

    2. Datlonelygamer “Dealing” with it is exactly what had made him a multi multi millionaire, that’s literally his job goof ball.

    1. You need to require big deposits and big income, higher rental fees don’t be no sucker

    2. I hear people even rent jewelry to show off. The country has so many people with bad priorities.

    3. If I owned this business I would be concerned with anyone wanting to rent a couple hundred thousand dollars car. Whyte, black, Latin and Asian. I would be out of business because I would profile everyone. I would assume bad motive on everyone. That’s why I’ll never have a nickel because I am to risk averse.

    4. @Craney Capital Automotive They also expect someone else to pay for what THEY did to this car. POS’s to the capita P…

    5. @Ashish Patel Yup.. I would be charging twice the price in times like this. They were spending that stimulus FREE money anyhow. These fools will never pay for any of this. They walk away gladly blaming someone else as if they did the world a solid. Those renters are the rest of the world trash!

  2. I don’t know how you do it man, I think I’d have a heart attack by 30 with all the stress from the bs you have to deal with.

  3. This is what happens when you get the wrong customers who couldn’t afford the regular prices but now can when they are 50% off. Houston should raise his prices back to where they were before Quarantine and just wait until Quarantine is over in order to avoid these garbage customers

    1. @Chino what about your poor family? I bet their not used to anything nice. I always see blacks in nice things.

    2. Chino actually some does because a YouTuber Cj so cool he black but he have nice decent car line up but he care for every car he has

    3. Eh. Depends. I’ve followed Gotham for a long time and their ” high end” customers crash those vehicles ALOT lately.

  4. Never ceases to amaze me how selfish & reckless people are with others property.. 😖 poor lambo

  5. This breaks my heart man. People keep destroying these beautiful cars. Also that tow truck has been a great investment

  6. How the hell someone is so irresponsible with that beautiful car can’t believe it. Hopefully it’s not totaled🤞🏽

    1. diven dhir probably blasting some rap music didn’t realize they turned into the opposite side of the road and in a dumb panic ignored the island and rammed over it like a pickup the possibility of simply stopping, owning up to the mistake , and backing up taking the humility to prevent thousands in damages not even crossing their mind at the time.

    2. How would it be totaled, only the front bumper and the front right suspension/wheel is messed up

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