Rare one owner classic British car barn find discovery

Sorry for the clickbait. It isn't a barn discover, it's simply a shonky garage. However it is mighty unusual and was an extremely satisfying experience to discover this vehicle from its tomb after 4 years. My buddy Tim at Roadhouse Motor Co shares my guilty enjoyment gratitude for Allegros and was looking all over the UK for the rarest model of Britain's a lot of disliked car. It turns out there was one less than 100 metres from his home, buried in an overgrown garage. Time for some and some towing.

The Allegro club global state there might be as lots of as 7 Allegro 1750 SS designs left worldwide, with 3 in fact working on the roadway. We discovered a completely unblemished one owner 1750 SS and Tim intends to get it back on the roadway.

If you don't live in the UK then consider this as a British version of what the American AMC Pacer. A classic car with irony that now houses some '70s fond memories. The Allegro introduced Might 1973 as replacement for the Austin 1100 and 1300 – the NEW DRIVING FORCE FROM AUSTIN. It lasted till 1982 and the early series 1 cars are thought about the rarest and most desirable.

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Filmed by and Tim Glover.
Edited by Mark Taylor-Hankins @inksharkman

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