Rare one owner classic British car barn find discovery

Sorry for the clickbait. It isn't a barn discover, it's just a shonky garage. But it is mighty unusual and was an extremely satisfying experience to discover this vehicle from its burial place after 4 years. My pal Tim at Roadhouse Motor Co shares my guilty satisfaction appreciation for Allegros and was looking all over the UK for the rarest design of Britain's many disliked vehicle. It turns out there was one less than 100 metres from his home, buried in a thick garage. Time for some city ex and some towing.

The Allegro club international state there might be as numerous as 7 Allegro 1750 SS models left worldwide, with 3 actually operating on the road. We found a totally untouched one owner 1750 SS and Tim wishes to get it back on the roadway.

If you do not live in the UK then consider this as a British variation of what the American AMC Pacer. A classic automobile with paradox that now houses some '70s fond memories. The Allegro launched Might 1973 as replacement for the 1100 and 1300 – the NEW DRIVING REQUIRE FROM . It lasted up until 1982 and the early series 1 cars are considered the rarest and most desirable.

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Recorded by and Tim Glover.
Edited by Mark Taylor-Hankins @inksharkman

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Rare one owner classic British car barn find discovery

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    1. I don’t like them either, but I also don’t think they were THAT bad as to get crowned the worst car England ever produced. They look sort-of ugly, and the quatro steering wheel was a horrible idea, but other then that…. I have driven one, and I did not think they were that bad a drive, really. But then, I am a British car fanatic, so there are not really any that I DON’T like, at least a little bit! 😉

  1. Well, didn’t see that coming! You have to love the under dog. This dog is more under than most. See, you’ve done it again, made a video that turns junk into jewels. Gonna be looking forward to seeing this one progress. Thanks guys, loved it.
    Please do more of this. Maybe you could call the series Jonny’s trunk of junk?

    1. @Shaun W So did I. Was it a 1.5 engine? My estate was also crap. And it was yellow with shiny, sticky seats. At least it escaped the square steering wheel.

    2. @- That’s really surprising !! Maybe your family were plain lucky or got given one that wasn’t left in the rain for hours BEFORE they sprayed it lol. Seriously my family’s experience of the Allegro was bad to say the least as was most people’s experiences of those sheds on wheels. Also lethal in an accident – they had crumple zones front and rear but not by design; the concertina effect lol 😂

    3. No lie, right from the start of this video I was thinking it’s probably an allegro or something. I’m not over interested in them but I was pleasantly surprised when they revealed it actually was an allegro.

  2. What a thoroughly enjoyable watch! Going it alone must’ve been a big gamble for you, but we believe in you! Keep up the great work Jonny! 🙂

  3. Ok so this is one of my fave YouTube videos yet! I love the Allegros because they are so unloved and bemoaned. What a find and I totally get the rarity value too – it’s so more interesting than a carpark full of Lambourghinis or BMWs! So many people are so dismissive of old cars but as a fellow car nut I feel it 100%. I think new cars are stupendously boring on the whole now.
    I will be following this resto step by step and I cannot wait to see what Tim does with it! Forget all your yawn-worthy ten-a-penny supercars on YT – THIS is where the really awesome stuff is with cars like this. I follow HubNut and Idriveaclassic for this reason too.

    Awesome video, you’re presentation style is too notch too buddy! Keep it coming.

  4. Just fantastic! Had a James Cameron feeling when you were filming it for the first time and discovering all the original parts. Real shame that it’s been butchered for parts but looks in amazing condition. Look forward to the follow up 👍

  5. I love classics of all types (my mom had a green allegro) Whenever I read or hear barn find my heart races but of course the find has already happened at that point. So yes seeing the whole barn find process is absolutely awesome. The more the merrier!!!!

  6. Having owned two , I can honestly say the 1750 never gave me any problems . However the first one we had (1300cc) was nothing but trouble, especially the CV joints!

  7. It would be cool to see videos on a regular base to see how it gets completely restored. Barn Find Videos are always great

  8. Fantastic video as always Johnny keep up the good work! I love watching barn/garage find videos so it would be great to see more of them, especially of rare and interesting stuff like this. Even though I’m a Ford man I do have a soft spot for allegros, I think they don’t look too bad and were a cheap runaround back in the day. Unfortunately they were built by a company with a lot of issues and had a couldn’t give a toss attitude. I’m looking forward to seeing more videos of the progression of this.

  9. Wonderful. I can’t wait to see it in all its fully restored glory.
    They were very attractively shaped cars which were talked down by smart-arse motoring journalists.
    I quite fancy an electric one.

  10. The very first car I owned when I was 18, before I passed my driving test, was an Alegro with a quartic steering wheel and I LOVED it. I paid £100 for it in 1984. The temperature gauge didn’t work, the idler gear was chewing through the gearbox casing and the back seat springs had broken. I had it about 6 months and then the cooling system had a leak but I didn’t realise because the temperature gauge was broken so the engine overheated and blew the head gasket

  11. Great story, love the build up to opening the garage doors, hidden away for 4 decades, on the doorstep if where Tim grew up……
    But I can’t believe neither of you spotted the number plate, it practically has Tim’s name in it!
    NTL 671M – NTL 6TIM

  12. Loved watching this guys. Thanks for making and sharing.
    Once again Austin/Morris/Leyland missed the boat with this car by not making it a hatchback, same as they did with the 1100/1300. Shame because the suspension was a thing of wonder and beauty.

  13. Love this. You could see genuine excitement on Tims face. I was getting excited myself waiting for the doors to be opened lol…

  14. Loved watching this. Looking forward to seeing this restored. I briefly owned some sort of Allegro (£40 special), when working at CS Ellis Ltd, not far away from where this was filmed, I presume. I didn’t need keys, just a screwdriver to start it. Never let me down. Always got to work in it. Sometimes failed to bump start but used the truck to push it back up the small hill in the haulage yard, to have another go 😳😃

  15. I remember doing my apprenticeship at Kennings starting in 78, i spent a lot of my time there repairing these things! Affectionately known as the All Aggro!! I don’t want to think about the number of rear subframe mounts i fitted on those!

  16. My parents had a 1972 Morris Marina Estate and I remember the Allegro with the square steering wheel being launched and at the time it fascinated me. Cars that have been Ziebart treated often rusted even more as the under seal just trapped the moisture in even more. Also many bolts / fittings / wiring was often badly affected by such treatment – too much gunge!

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