Rarest Of The Rare! The Ford Torino King Cobra

This 1 of 3 known to exist factory model Areo car was sitting disassembled and prepared for the scrap pile when it was scooped up, created and utilized as a daily motorist! Here's the incredible story behind this amazing automobile.
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Rarest Of The Rare! The Ford Torino King Cobra

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  1. One of these days you guys will realize just how lucky we are to have someone like Tony and Cathey (sorry if I spelled your name wrong) show us these cars. I hope you guys don’t think these guys just let anyone into their personal space and do videos on these cars. Thank you so much for sharing

    1. @Greg Ballard If I recall he used to write for automotive magazines. Between that and being in the used parts buisiness for classic Mopars, he’s likely made quite a few connections over the years.

    2. @Venge Geance Yes Ive read and learned a lot from his articles when I was running my foxbody But I think you have to agree that they dont have anyone in there inner circle like Tony. I would be willing to bet that out of all the race teams, drivers and writers in the automotive industry very few have had the chance to get up close and personal with these guys. Either way Im glad Tony was there.

    1. He is a living Icon , man i would love to sit and chat with him i mean really , what an incredible trip that would be…Tony Rules, where else can we get this Gold?..Peace…

  2. Tony talks a lot in all the other videos, which is good because he’s got good things to say and knowledge to share.

    Notice how in this video he’s nearly silent out of respect for this man and his history.

    Amen, Tony. Well done.

    1. Hi, Unk Tony…..
      Nice video of the long, lost wedge King Cobra.

      There’s a BOSS 9 burnt orang powered King in South Carolina.

      Love the Ranchero.
      The el camino killer
      Nice BIG ford rumble beside the squeeky belt.

      Thanks, UNK T.
      Big how do to UNK C.



    2. I noticed that, too!!!! He’s a wise man who knows what he knows and understands how much he doesn’t! Dunning Kruger nailed it! This man could easily run his mouth and hog the camera time with solid facts and that rodder swagger, but he’s no fool. Hell yeah! I’m here for it!!!!!

    3. So true . On occasion wisdom , history and opportunity present themselves . The best course of action are to stand by quietly , ears on wide open, before they pack up and leave .
      Shows that the interviewer is wise and has full appreciation for the very fleeting moment at hand . Time is not our friend , and the opportunity most likely won’t be coming around again . Get as much on video as humanly possible .

  3. This man is believable when he says “I drive my cars”.

    He is also the personification of the phrase “it’s not who you are, it’s who you know”.

  4. What a cool old dude , 90 weight in his veins. 82 years old ! I just turned 60 and was starting to feel old , not anymore. I gotta a lot of time to turn wrenches still. Thanks Tony , awesome episode.

    1. I turned 60 on Sept 6th. I love Ford’s. I could listen to old guys talk cars forever. Really miss the old timers. Wish they would talk to Cale and his brother about the “King Cobra” and its time on the track. What a story! Shawn.

  5. This was a great interview. Steve talked about some of my childhood heros, the Wood Brothers, Holman and Moody… how the factory teams reinterpreted the rules of NASCAR… document as much of this as You and Kathy can as treasured people like this are becoming fewer… Thanks for sharing, Best Wishes.

    1. @Frank Johnson NASCAR banned this car before Ford ever had the chance to put it into production. The Charger Daytona and the Superbird cars were “cobbled together” in the exact same way this prototype was, and the engine in the Torino the owner had built for it after he got it. The SOHC 427 was outlawed before it ever had a chance to go into production as well, and NASCAR put the rule in their book that all cams have to be in the block, so they could outlaw it. That’s why those were relegated to drag racing. These aren’t conspiracies, they are facts. With the pathetic lack of knowledge you demonstrate in your post, it’s no wonder it is only a word salad of kindergarten level attempts at insulting a manufacturer that you have clue about.

    2. its because the front nose is disgusting… looks like some sort of European Asian mongrel. the superbird is much better looking

    3. @Elmer Fudpucker that stinks as the Cammer and Hemi would have had the NASCAR races jam packed

  6. Amazing. Tony, thanks so much for sharing this, and thank Steve for his time and for showing us his great rare car. I’m blown away that not only is one of these complete, but also drivable with the period correct engine. I can’t thank you enough for this!

  7. I remember being a 16 year-old budding car fanatic when the King Cobra made the cover of Motor Trend magazine. I thought it was the coolest thing I had ever seen, especially since my dad had bought a ’69 Torino just a year earlier. Hearing this gentleman explain his car’s history is a real treat. Thank you!

  8. Wow, that man has all his marbles and then some, God bless him! I am officially subscribed! I own a 1971 Torino GT convertible, a 1971 Torino was my first car, absolutely loved this video! Thank You!

  9. I’m so glad that this man had the wearwithal to rescue and save this beautiful King Cobra from being sent to the scrapyard!

  10. A very talented engineer from Ford’s glory days. At 82 he’s actually more precious than that million dollar Torino.

    1. I didn’t realize Larry Shinoda was ever involved with Lincoln-Mercury. He was the Lead Designer for the C3 corvette before he left GM with Bunkie Knudsen.

  11. Kudos my brother!! This, is the stuff we’ve gotta document and preserve! The day is coming when we won’t be able to speak with the guys that really were there. The knowledge and experience of these people just cannot be replaced. And the fact that many of them are humble enough to share their lives with us is a testament to the men they are.
    And it was his “daily driver “?
    God loves the true gearhead!!

  12. the memories this gentleman has is priceless. cant be replaced. he knows every detail about this very rare automobile.

  13. It’s sad that alot of these stories are going to be lost after this generation leaves us. Thank you for doing this! All of you!

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