RC Hoonitruck SHREDS Hoonigan’s Tire Slayer Studios!

The Hoonitruck: a 4WD monster of tire death and destruction in a 1/10th scale plan of truck, ready-to-run, hoonage from . Police it here """

Our brothers at @TeamAssociatedRC actually struck it out of the park with the active detailed body, reproduction Fuel Block wheels, and completely new chassis. View it shred the RC track at , leap a truck, and tear through the workplace like a mini-menace on the hunt for exposed toes.

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RC Hoonitruck SHREDS Hoonigan's Tire Slayer Studios!

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  1. That’s hilarious ! Really amazing videography & editing especially the chopper sound effects !!
    Love your work👍

  2. It’s just such a shame you can’t have the no.43 on the hoonicorn or the hoonitruck anymore 😭

  3. I’m more impressed by Hert’s speed. He made it from the ping pong table to the merch van before the RC truck went through the door

  4. So this is what you guys are doing all day: Getting freakin pro´s at RC car driving and drone flying!
    That was pretty impressive, ngl! 🔥

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