RESCUED: 12-Cylinder Ferrari in Lafayette, Louisiana!

Invite to Coffee Stroll Episode 245!




@patterns. media.

(Jeep CJ & Wrangler Specialists):.
Phone: 972-442-6189.
Address: 3101 W FM 544 Wylie, TX 75098.

BLKMTN (Jeep JK & JL Components, Add-on, Conversions & Upgrades):.

* All Audio and SFX lawfully downloaded and licensed from Envato.

RESCUED: 12-Cylinder Ferrari in Lafayette, Louisiana!

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  1. Great find, good to see Kelsey and smiling Alex, Dennis can put the food away, must have two hollow legs!

  2. Dennis, you are an awesome man. Kind, respectful,honest, humble and with great values.
    Many thanks for another great video.

  3. I always look forward to your content. It’s good seeing Kelsey back in the mix. Also an observation.
    Your interactions with Zach and Alex, especially Alex resemble a father/son vibe. I get the feeling they are more than mere employees. I really hope that’s genuine, because that’s a part of why your content is so positive, uplifting and entertaining.
    God bless, y’all. (Lived in middle Tennessee for 16 years, it rubbed off)

    1. I doubt it’s a facade. For Dennis to maintain that level of genuine kindness from day 1 of his content would be a feat for the ages. I’m sure he has his upset moments but that’s just being human.

  4. Always nice seeing a massive fire before take off.

    Also, I’ve adapted your plane bump routine since I started watching you. All I can say is thank you because my flights since then have been smooth as butter.

  5. We all know you’re well off but the thing I respect about you is you’re very hard working and deserve every penny! God bless!

  6. Another friday with Dennis i just love it good to see Kelsey back working with Alex and Zack,never seen nor heard of this Ferrari so once again i have learned something new fro watching Coffee Walk

  7. So appreciate how you are so respectful of the folks you buy from. Also can tell by how your employees like you that you treat them the same. Will be a long time fan for sure.

  8. Dennis, I am really impressed with your automobile knowledge and research information. There are a lot of great restaurants in the Lafayette area. You might want to check on advertising your cars for west coast buyers and builders. Years ago we used to wholesale a lot of Mercedes Benz cars to a dealer in L.A. The economy is better in CA. and they have more money to spend.

  9. Dennis is the most passionate person in Texas for finding, saving and giving rare and desirable vehicles that would’ve have otherwise never been given a chance to be restored and put back on the road.
    Dennis Collins has the natural ability to bring this into reality and should be know as the “Great Preserver” ! 👌

  10. Just goes to show you never know what’s behind a locked door! These videos just keep getting better (how?!) Epic.

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