RESCUED: 1966 Corvette in Niwot, Colorado!!

Welcome to Ep. 192!

If you THINK you know what is going to happen in the episode of Coffee Stroll, THINK AGAIN. Follow this rollercoaster of saving a 1966 Corvette in the Colorado Snow!


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RESCUED: 1966 Corvette in Niwot, Colorado!!

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  1. Wow that generation was amazing with amazing people. 99% of people would of just payed and ran. Taking the extra time to go and chat with that young lady was outstanding of you !

    1. Dennis and his people are always respectful to everyone they deal with. Not often you see genuinely nice people when buying cars on social media. Always trying to make the best deal and buy great cars for almost no money. He makes a deal over the phone, almost always sticks with agreed price. No drama. Nice to watch. up 👍

    2. Dennis is an absolute gentleman, he makes all these videos a pleasure to watch. I’m sure behind the scenes he’s that good to the employees too.
      Lefty’s food looked so good!

  2. Love how Dennis is so respectful of people and takes the time to talk to them. What a gent! Best wishes from the UK. Great video!

  3. Sir you did GREAT RESPECT to his Wife, you spoke with her, and gave her dignity, by saying bye to a part of her life, I myself lost my Father recently and have his collection of cars, everyday I see them and bring a tear and then a smile, you are a man of honor.

  4. Dennis, your a serious Class Act being so respectful and caring. Taking the time to meet and visit with the owners wife and letting her see the car again is so great..

    1. God Bless, I have tears after watching the interaction between Dennis and the owner. Class act.

  5. You are an amazing person giving time to that elderly woman , she really appreciated, It would be nice to see it when it’s completed

  6. Great story from the beginning to the end
    this is what makes watching the restoration process even more interesting for all of us.
    We get the background history and feelings of the people plus the lay of the land
    thanks for including this part

  7. I like how you always take the time and allow the folks to tell there stories. The story is the most important part. Great find.

  8. Dennis makes me feel good about society and humanity. I would listen to a podcast just to hear more stories and hear him interview people he respects and admires. Not many people I would say that about. The fact his employees say “yes sir” makes me think they respect him too. Since they spend a lot of time with him, that helps confirm my suspicion and he’s a good dude.

  9. SO MUCH RESPECT to you Dennis !!! Your extension of respect and acknowledgment to the original owner and the pizza shop is so commendable. You are a true class act sir. 👊🏻

  10. Fair play dennis for calling out the greed of the car rental places there really taking the piss 👏

  11. Dennis you made this lady’s day visiting her and talking about her husband and his beautiful car! You sir are a class act for sure.

    1. I could not agree more! Dennis has the gift of kindness and a great personality that he shares with those around him.

  12. Dennis Collins: one of the greatest human beings to walk the planet. Respectful, kind, and a book of car knowledge. I’m surprised he hasn’t already reached 1 million subscribers.

  13. One of the nicest guys on any platform. Zero BS, huge knowledge and expertise in his specialisms. Love the unbiased support he gives to businesses that deserve it. Keep doing the food reviews.

  14. Absolutely brilliant for the lady to remember and talk about her late husband, and see so much of him going to a new home. Absolute class, Dennis.

  15. This coffee walk is really good! The care for the car/people and food is OUTSTANDING! Thanks Dennis and crew

  16. Obvious to see how Dennis was raised in how he shows compassion and thoughtfulness around others. His chat with the elderly lady and the Pizza shop owner and employees were a great example. Those Calzones and Pizza looked awesome ! 😋 👍 P.S. those rental car companies on the previous episodes should be investigated. Outrageous and glad you called them out on those ridiculous rates ! 🙄

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