RESCUED: 1967 Mustang S-Code! Parked here in 1982!

Welcome to Coffee Stroll Ep. 216!

No Reserve: Pedal Vehicle Factory 1953 Chevrolet Corvette Pedal Automobile on BaT:


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RESCUED: 1967 Mustang S-Code! Parked here in 1982!

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  1. Yo Dennis scored an S Code ragtop ! I drove a 67 S Code coupe when I was a junior in high school. My friend Ray bought it off the lot on my hometown. I saw him at the diner and he was a proud owner of a lime green 4 speed car. He popped the hood and that FE was stuffed in there. You couldn’t see the spark plugs … man alive was that car fast and powerful ! Amazing actually. Ray said he’d been drafted which meant he was headed for ‘the Nam’ and was giving it back to the dealer. That was the last time I saw Ray and the last time he saw his hometown … RIP Ray.

    1. @Ward Montgomery no it’s very sad but that’s what happened back then. This was your keeping his memory alive thank you for your service Ray! Rip

  2. Now that is a special stang… Would love to see her brought back to life the way she rolled off the factory floor… So jealous

  3. Another awesome score, I love it when Kelsey and Alex are in the videos, you should do a video on each one doing what they do at work.

  4. Love these videos as usual! I feel like people ask this a lot too, but will we get to see cars after they get saved? How they look all restored?

    Keep up the great work !

  5. Dennis is the man! My first car in 1974 was a 1967 Mustang convertible, 289, automatic, power steering, power top. Red with white top and white interior. Only drove it for a few months after fixing it up and some guy had to have it and shot me big $$ so I sold it and purchased a 1972 Datsun 240 Z with 2,000 miles. The good old days and I was only 16.

  6. Been watching through all these videos & I can honestly say they have been educational, entertaining & funny & also respectful. Dennis comes across as a top boss & gentleman when dealing with people selling the vehicles, the only thing that puzzled me is where does he put the food 😂😂 Love the Dad Daughter relationship you both have, hope you keep making these videos 🤙🤙 OUTSTANDING

  7. I really like watching these videos of you guys buying and loading up cars and hearing their stories but would love to see videos of the restoration of some of these cars. Do yall do that?

  8. love the barn find rescue video’s Dennis and team ! When are we going to see some of these cars cleaned up and or restored ? Outstanding !

  9. Great Channel! Love the attempt to patronization local “Mom & Pop” type restaurants! Would love to see more video of the undercarriage from a lift. Great job by ALL!

  10. Dear Dennis and crew, I love the videos, especially the eating afterwards 🙂 Can you make a video every once in a while with a picture of te car in the condition when you found it and a picture when the car is finished by your OUSTANDING workers, a before and after so the speak. Greetings from the Netherlands.

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